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BOOK BLITZ: Wilde Heart (Suzanne Halliday)

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Release Day
Wilde Heart (Wilde Women Book 2)
USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday
Get ready for Rhiann and Liam's story!


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Is there a statute of limitation on heartbreak? Rhiann Baron-Wilde hopes so. Surely eight years is long enough…right?

After chasing her dream of living in New York and working in the fashion industry, Rhi suddenly isn’t so sure that’s what she really wants to do anymore.
After all, the hush-hush stories she’s been writing—stuff about white knights and forever after—are calling to her.

Then, Liam Ashforth turns up eight long years after walking away from their secret love affair. And not just any old reappearance—not him! No, he’s come
back as her boss in a move that shakes up Rhiann’s whole world.

Liam makes it clear—he wants her back. But can she believe him? Should she trust him again? After all, they hadn’t exactly parted as friends. Then again,
maybe this is her very own happily ever after?

But secrets and lies have a way of coming back to haunt in sometimes surprising ways and an unexpected twist that threatens more than their feelings puts
these two to the ultimate test.

Wilde Heart is the second book in the Wilde Women series about three sisters who weren’t exactly looking for love by Bestselling romantica author, Suzanne

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Wilde Forever (Wilde Women Book 1)




After an ugly divorce, Brynn Baron-Wilde swore off men and created a new life in a quaint upstate touristy town where she runs a successful bakery and
tearoom. Brynn has everything mapped out and she’s got no time for distractions.

And then along came Jackson Merrill – former Army medic turned talented renovation specialist. Jax enters Brynn’s well-ordered life and proceeds to shake
up her world.

He’s a bit on the dented and dinged side after his military service and she’s dealing with a stealth attack from her grandmother who’s added manipulative
clauses to her will that threaten Brynn’s hold on her house and business.

Sometimes fate and destiny have a sense of humor along with some questionable timing. Are these two destined to be together or will her reluctance and his
issues keep them apart? When a stunning turn of events complicates things even more, things sure do get interesting – meddling parents and all.

USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday

COVER REVEAL: Reft (Libby Austin)


object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the
same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.
~ Newton’s First Law of Motion

Brandon “Brand” Carmichael’s life
was the stuff dreams were made of…too bad it was an illusion. As a guitarist
for Inert Motion, Brandon traveled the world, performing with his brothers in
all but blood. He never stopped moving all the while his mind played in a never‑ending
loop. Now outside influences have changed the band’s course, leaving Brand’s
life void of the balance he craved. Once again, his dream had become a
recurring nightmare. Brand coped the only way he knew how; retreat into

acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional
to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and
inversely proportional to the mass of the object. ~ Newton’s Second Law of

Magdalena “Layna” Delacroix had
achieved the long sought goal of her Ph.D. in Psychology, but success came at a
high cost: over one hundred thousand dollars in debt. After being presented
with the opportunity to fulfill her desire to help someone in the aftermath of tragedy,
along with earning enough money to clear her debt and start a psychology
practice of her own, Layna had to balance the means against the outcome. Could
she be the force to stop the downward spiral of someone who refused to seek

every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. ~ Newton’s Third Law
of Motion

Neither Brand nor Layna expected the
reaction they had to one another. It was the opposite of everything they

Could Layna live a lie while pushing
Brand to live in the truth?

Would Brand forgive her for
committing the one unforgivable sin he couldn’t overlook?

Or was he branded by destiny to be


One day some words came to mind, so I wrote
them down. Soon the words became sentences, which formed paragraphs, which, in
turn, formed chapters. Before long, those few words had become a book.

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m a wife, mother, and business owner. I’ve
lived on both coast and few places in between, but as born and raised Southern
girl, I’ll always believe there’s no place like home. 


Through Infinity
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Thanks for the Memories is available FREE on Libby’s

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RELEASE BLITZ: Ethan Walker's Road to Wonderland (L.J. Stock)

Book: Ethan Walker's Road to Wonderland
(Road to Wonderland Series #3)
by L.J. Stock
Genre: New Adult


At nineteen, the world has so many possibilities. 

Ethan Walker was a typical teenager in that respect. He was happy, living at home with his family and partying when the mood struck. He was in no rush to grow up. His life was a blank page just waiting to be written, but that couldn’t last forever. 

Unfortunately, reality came knocking at Ethan’s door, forcing him to face truths he’d never allowed himself to see in the past - truths that soon robbed him of his innocence and youth. With the life he’d always known gone forever, Ethan found himself battling demons in disguise, only to find his own weakness was his worst enemy. 

When temptation turned to indulgence, and the ghosts of his past encouraged him to dig deeper, Ethan sought salvation in the form of violence. His fists and fortitude became his bread and butter, but the new turn in his life rejected the familiar and opened the door to more evil.

Inevitably, the darkness tried to sink him, and there was only one constant light that somehow seemed to shine brighter than the promise of escape: the mystery girl with the golden hair. 

In order to survive, Ethan had to dig deep and find a strength in himself not even he was sure existed. Only when he found himself on a path to Wonderland did he start to see a future beyond his past. All he had to do to get there was learn to breathe and not get himself killed in the process.

**Book 3 in the Road to Wonderland Series, Ethan Walker can be read in conjunction with Izzy Moffit's Road to Wonderland by Victoria L. James and Paris Hemsworth's Road to Wonderland by Francesca Marlow or standalone.

About the Author

From a young age L.J. Stock was led by her imagination. From the moment she could read she fell into worlds where trees could talk and little girls could move things with their minds. 
In no hurry to grow up, she found stories all around her, in the forests of Plym Bridge, the moss covered hills of Dartmoor, then, as she grew older, the wide spread city of Houston, where she currently resides and works. A constant daydreamer, she hopes that one day, her passion can become something more than just a hobby for her. 
Still led by her imagination, the worlds have slowly grown from childish adventures to urban fantasies and romances. With inspirational authors such as Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, John Grisham and Stephen King guiding her through her life so far, L.J. Stock has finally decided that it is time for her to go for gold and try land herself on someone else’s future list of favorites. 
Putting words on paper is as essential as breathing to her, but on the rare occasions that she isn’t writing, she can be found with a video game remote in hand or curled up on the couch with her pup and a good book. Music is also such an important part of her life, it’s a wonder there isn’t a background soundtrack playing wherever she goes. 
A good girl to most, a bad girl to a few, L.J. believes that every genre should be attempted and is more than likely to have tried to release three hundred series’ ranging from vampires and werewolves, to dystopian and even classic romance, before she reaches even middle age. At least, that’s the plan for now.

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The Road to Wonderland Series:

Izzy @ Amazon US    Paris @ Amazon US
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LISA'S REVIEW: Fate: Adam&Evette (Maya James)

The Maya James $0.99 Blog Tour. Fate: Adam & Evette will be $0.99 during the tour!


Fate: Adam & Evette 

Fate is a fast paced novella about two people from opposite ends of the country trying to support each other as friends while denying their instant attraction for one another.

Adam and Evette have both recently ended relationships that were never meant to last. Each of them is longing for something more intense and meaningful, and fate brings them together online in a support system for rebounding daters. The only problem—they’re perfect for each other but too far away to do anything about it.

Will they help each other find love with someone else, or will Fate completely take over their destiny?

- "In 117 pages this little story hits all the right notes. I was laughing out loud, smiling, cheering and sobbing."

- "If you do nothing else this week – put Fate on your list of books to read in 2015"

- "from about the 10% mark, i knew this was a 5-star book"


Well this book was amazing, right up until the end. I am so very pissed and sad about the ending. That being said this book is worth every second! I loved it and I love Maya James. This is so great. I want more of Adam and Evette now! I need it now. I want to know what happens next in Evette's life. I am so on edge. I want more. That is the only way to really describe this book. This book will leave you wanting more than most you will ever read. I love it and I know readers everywhere will love it too. I say go get it now! Don't wait and don't stop until you finish it! A great read from an even greater author!






Indie Author of contemporary romance and suspense novels

such as the Charity Series (Charity's Warrior, Charity’s Secrets, and Charity’s
Passion) and a novella titled Fate: Adam & Evette.

East coast born and raised, I'm married, extremely happily, with 4 kids, 3 of
which are now young adults (not sure when that happened).

I’m a COO in my technology-based "day job,” which requires a mix of
technical and creative writing for both internal and client-facing materials,
but it was not satisfying my artistic spirit. Writing the “Charity” series has
been absolutely fulfilling and exciting.

My favorite writing takes place on my phone while lying on the Southernmost
Beach in Key West, where I try to go at least twice a year.



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BOOK BLITZ: Something Great (M. Clarke)

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Book Title: Something Great
Author: M. Clarke
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Book Blurb
She didn't know what she was missing...until he found her.
Maxwell Knight was dangerously good-looking, seductively charming, and definitely trouble. He was everything Jeanella Mefferd did NOT need now.

Fresh out of college, life was predictable and comfortable for Jeanella. She had the strength of her friends, the security of her job, and she was dating a reliable man; it was all smooth sailing. That was until one night, when she met someone who made her feel things she'd never felt before--dangerous, heart pounding, breathless heat. Never imagining she would see him again, Jeanella has no idea what to do when fate steps in and thrusts Maxwell Knight into her life, just as things were beginning to change around her. When she lands her dream job and travels to New York for Fashion Week, can she focus on her career instead of on Maxwell?

Will she ignore all the danger signs and jump straight into his arms; or would she miss out on the chance of finding something great?
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Meet the AuthorInternational Bestselling Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children's chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.
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Something Trio
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