What we offer Authors

At Twin Opinions we offer many services to authors. Some of our services are free and offered through Twin Opinions, but we also offer services for promotion through our affiliated site, Twin Tours. 

               *WHAT'S FREE?

We love to read, so we love to review. We are always willing to read and review books, especially for new authors. We have recently added to our review team. You can find more about us HERE. Also, you should check out our REVIEW POLICY. Both places will have valuable information when deciding we if we are the right blog for you! 

We also love sharing promotions. If you have teasers, excerpts, sales, etc. Just send them our way. We will try to share them as soon as possible. 

Direct all request to our email. 

             * PR Services

We have a nice blogging community that helps us promote authors. With Twin Tours we offer many services to authors that not only want Twin Opinions but also want other bloggers to help promote. We are adding and growing our services every day so continue to check in with us! 

Here are just a few things we offer...

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