About Us

     First off, Yes we are twins. We are both very different people, but we share a love for many things. Books may lead that list. We also love sports, a good movie, good food and the fun of the outdoors. And Guess what? We have now have a review team! 

Lisa- I am the oldest, if only by 10 minutes, it's a very important 10 minutes. I am a mother of two and a wife giving me three kids total. :) I am also a sister and a daughter. I love my family and they come first but in my free time I have a book in my hand. I love to read, doesn't matter if it is alone or to my kids, I am always reading. I am also a preschool teacher so I tend to spend my days with a book in my hand. I hope that you enjoy my reviews and opinions. Happy reading to you all.

Leann- Ok so she is older by 10 minutes, doesn't matter. We are 25 years old or young. :) Like my sister I love my family. I am a sales agent. I spend a lot of time traveling and I love it. My sister and I are very competitive but she is also one of my best friends. I am the kind of reader that picks up a book and doesn't put it down until I am finished. After reading so much I agreed with my sister and decided it would be great to put our thoughts out there. I hope you read and love our reviews as much as we love to share our reading experiences with you.

 Review Team!

Leslie - Hi, my name is Leslie and I love to read. Shocking, I know! But in all sincerity, I've been an avid reader since a very young age and just love to escape between the pages of a book. I love to read pretty much anything, romance, paranormal, historical fiction and mystery to name a few! I love pretty much every sub genre in each category as well!

McKayla (YA reviewer)I'm a huge bookworm, or as I like to say, book dragon. ;) I've loved to read ever since I was really little. I have a big imagination and I'm mostly drawn to fantasy and sci-fi books, because life needs a little magic every so often.

Neha (YA reviewer)Reading is like an escape from the normal life for me. I love to read fiction novels. Fantasy is my favourite genre though I also like science fiction, Detective novels, dysotopian, mythology and adventure.
My other hobbies are Music and little bit of baking. 

Natalie (YA reviewer)My favorite things to do are reading and archery. My favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction.