Review Policy

We are NOT currently accepting review request. Once we have more room in our calendar we will let you know!

  Twin Opinions consist of two twin sisters that read and review books. We also have a growing review team. See our About us for more information. We are not professionals. We simply want to share our opinions of the books that we read. There is no method to our madness when choosing books that we review. We simply pick books based on cover and summary of the book.

     Sadly not all of our reviews will be in favor of the books that we read. However we will post our reviews with tact. No review is a reflection of the author or publisher or a personal attack. WE ARE ALSO IN NO WAY SUGGESTING THAT YOU SHOULD NOT BUY A PARTICULAR BOOK. Also just because we like one book in a book series does not guarantee that we will like all books in that series.

     All reviews are held to the same standard. We make no exceptions for sponsored, gifted, or self published books. Not to mention, just because one sister likes a book does not mean both sisters like that book. WE WILL NEVER CHARGE FOR BOOK REVIEWS. If you receive any kind of email or other form of notice asking for a charge of some kind, IT IS NOT US. Please review our contact page. Only trust information directly from us.

     We may not accept every book request, but please send us anything you would like us to review. We will do our best to meet the needs of our blog readers.

     Self published authors please contact us before you send us your files. We prefer PDF formats but can accept other formats. If you need reviews done on a timeline please say so in your request. We know and understand that you work very hard for your work. WE WILL NEVER SALE OR REPOST YOUR HARD WORK IN ANY CAPACITY. As authors we want you to feel safe with your work as we do with ours. That being said we will be glad to review any of your work.

     We always try to finish every book we begin to read. We feel that each book deserves a proper review even if we don't particularly like the book.

     We do love both adult and young adult novels! So in our reviews we will try to keep reviews PG rated.

     We are happy to host sponsored giveaways.