*Are you twins?
     Yes we are twins and yes we are identical.

*Do you like to read hardback/paperback or eBooks?
     Lisa- I definitely prefer paperback copies. However it is extremely convenient to have eBooks.
     Leann- I think it depends on my mood. Most times I reach for my hardback/paperback over my tablet.

*Do you review self published authors or will you review my book?
     Yes! Please keep in mind that we will hold you to the same rating system as all books that we read.

*How long should I wait for a response on the book I submitted to you?
     While we both love to read and put as much time into reading as we can; We both have full time jobs and families. Please give us two weeks to respond to emails, comments, and book submissions. If we choose to review your book or not we will let you know via email.

*Do you both always read the same books?
     No! We both have similar taste but we are two very different people. Some reviews will just be Lisa, while others will be just Leann, and occasionally we will review a book together or both post a review on the same book.

*Do you always agree on review?
    No! In fact sometime we get very animated when we do disagree. That is why some books will have a review together while others will be written separately.

*How often will you post book reviews?
     We will try to post at least one book review a week. We will always let you know if we will be taking time off or a break, otherwise at least one of us will post at least once a week.

*Will you take request for books to review?
     Yes! If you want us to review any book before or after you have already read it please contact us.

*What types of books do you review?
     Our taste varies. We just love to read. If you can't find a book review you like contact us.

*Will your reviews have spoilers?
     Yes! We will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but our reviews will have some spoilers.

If you still have questions feel free to contact us anytime. We are always more than happy to answer your questions.