Thursday, September 19, 2013

LISA'S REVIEW: When Darkness Falls (Heather Graham) The Alliance Vampies #2

Title: When Darkness Falls

Author: Heather Graham

Series: The Alliance Vampires

ISBN-13: 978-1420131468

Publisher: Zebra; Rep Rei edition (April 2, 2013)


In an ancient cemetery, travel writer Jade MacGregor's tour of a Scottish tomb is marred by a terrifying attack that leaves her surrounded by corpses drained of blood. A year later, back home on a shadowy French Quarter street, she glimpses the oddly compelling stranger she met that day. Coincidence - or is it something far more disturbing? Surrounded by her friends and engrossed in her work, Jade should feel secure. But then new bodies start showing up, and somebody is dogging her every move. Somebody who knows what she saw on that long ago afternoon among the gravestones and mausoleums. Somebody who will try to rescue her from the undead waiting to make her one of them.

(Image and information courtesy of Amazon; Summary lifted from actual book)
This is the 2nd book in the Alliance Vampire series. I have not read the first one, but when browsing thought the book store I thought it wounded interesting.
The story overall is good, but it was lacking something for me. I enjoyed the mystery and the suspense, but it just didn't do it for me. Jade was a good character and her friends were fun too. Lucian is mysterious and sexy. I really liked Rick's character too. But the whole time I read this book it was lacking something for me. The villains were too evil and hard to believe.
 The backgrounds were too wordy and boring at times. I read most books in a day. It was several days before I finally finished this book. A good story just not for me. The preview to the next book was very interesting. I hope it proves to be a better read.

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