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Zanieb Al-Hanoosh
Won a copy of the House of Hades!
Review by Zanieb:
One of the previous Heroes of Olympus I loved to death is the first. Well, I love any first book of series, but I loved The Lost Hero. The main reason why I loved this book, is because I love it when I get to learn about the new characters, and more about the other characters, like Piper, Jason, and Leo. I also love this book out of all the series is because I love how Annabeth was searching for Percy, who lost his memory, and stopped at nothing. It's really romantic, and I am a sucker for romance.
I also love Leo. He is very comical and a great addition to the series. I laugh much more in these series, than the one before, because of him!  



SON is my favorite book because it has a happier ending. I also liked the Frank and Hazel and all the other new demigods. The new camp was cool too. I really like Percy he is my favorite character so it was really cool to see him in a different camp. I was just really glad to have him back. Can't wait for him to get back to Annabeth.

Annabeth and Percy get back together and this is why this is my favorite book. I also really like that the two camps kind of meet each other. I really liked when Annabeth and Reyna met because both are really strong girls. I love this series and I liked the son of neptune too but this is my favorite book so far. 
 Well, first, let me just say that out of all the Heroes of Olympus books, the Mark of Athena is probably my favorite so far. I've read the book about 50 times (I'm dead serious; ask my mom) and I just melt at certain parts of the book. My favorite part in the MoA would have to be when Percy and Annabeth are reunited at Camp Jupiter and Annabeth judo flips Percy. I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. I loved the plot of the book a lot and the characters are great as always. The one thing I didn't like about the book ( you can probably guess if have already read it) is when Percy and Annabeth plunge into Tarturus. IT PISSED ME OFF!!!!!!! Then, get this, we have to wait another FREAKING YEAR to find out what happens, a YEAR!!!!!! When I read that part of the book I literally threw the book across the room and sobbed for about 2 hours. (Again, if you don't believe me ask my mom) I mean, why did Rick have to do this to us? Do we deserve to suffer THAT much?! Are we really that bad as people?! Yeah, all in all, the ending pissed me off so much that I wanted to go to Rick's house, yell, "Why?!" and then punch him in the face. I've gotten over it now that the HOH is out and my soul can now rest in peace.
Srishti Ramesh:

Leo: Well done, Frank Zhang. That is exactly how people beat Chinese handcuffs. They turn into iguanas.
Frank: Try them with Esther's peach preserves.

Hazel: That is incredibly disgusting.

Jason: Pass me the jar, man.
Raelei Hadlock:
Leo: it means I am still hungry, Zhang pass the hot sauce

Karunya B:
Percy: "We're staying together", he promised. "You're not getting away from me. Never again."

Ashika Thomas:

You sir are a ray of sunshine

Scrawny? Baby I invented Scrawny!

I had a crush on Percy (so proud of nico to come out) no hating

God Beauty Queen I'm glad my face wasn't there

I missed you

I you ever leave me again

“What would you study, Percy?”
“Dunno,” he admitted.
“Marine science,” she suggested. “Oceanography?”
“Surfing?” he asked.”
Hannah Janson:
By tomorrow morning we'll be on the western coast of greece, another hour inward and bang- house of hades. Ima get me the t-shirt -leo
Raven M. LeStrange:
I'm naming him Festus-Leo
You do know that meabs happy in latin. So were gonna save the world on happy the dragon?-Jason
You bet!- Leo
Rachel St. Clair:
"As long as we are together" or "say hello to the stars and sun for me"..."Bob says hello"
Sreya Gutta:
yeah"as long as we are together"
"bob says hello"
my favourite
by: Ashika Thomas
by: Sabryna Coppola
Favorite book in the Series:
Alleyah Ally:
The house of hades for sure but the mark of Athena is a close second
Karunya B:
Totally! Alleah Ally

An yomus:
Liam Holmes:
HoH was definitely a topper. But it's a tough choice between that and SoN... I loved how it drove them out of the gods reach, and had similarities with real legion history about losing the eagle and such.
Rachel St. Clair:
I like HoH...but I liked SoN because of Hazel and Frank...and it is the only book in the series to end happily
quinton howard:
Isaac A. Garcia:
House of Hades by far.

Audree Armstrong:
MoA. The reunion was my favorite part

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