Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LEANN'S REVIEW: Cambridge Blue (Alison Bruce) DC Gary Goodhew Mystery #1

Title: Cambridge Blue

Author: Alison Bruce

Series: DC Gary Goodhew Mystery

Format: ARC

Source of Copy: Witness Impulse HarperCollins



Gary Goodhew is intelligent, intuitive, and the youngest detective at Cambridge’s Parkside Station. When Gary discovers the first body in a series of murders involving an eccentric Cambridge family, he gets his chance to work on a homicide investigation. He must use his own initiative to flush out the killer, even though it means risking his job and discovering the truth about the one person he hopes is innocent.

Alison Bruce was born in Surrey, United Kingdom, and now lives in Cambridge. She is the author of two previous nonfiction books, Cambridgeshire Murders and The Billingtons, Death in the Family.

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


I had no idea what to expect on this book. I love crime and mystery books especially as a series, so I was very curious to see how this series would turn out. Well I was not disappointed. I loved it.

Gary's character was great. I loved the rebel cop who had a hard time following orders. I also enjoyed the other characters and I'm very curious to see how they develop in future installments.

I loved the mystery of this book. I really liked that it didn't dive into the main characters for a few chapters. It was a nice change to have the book start out a complete mystery. It took me a bit to put the pieces together on the mystery. It rarely happens as I read to find a book unpredictable. This book did that for me to a point. I just couldn't seem to figure out who the culprit was. I just couldn't put the book down. Easily read in one sitting... (Sleep? No I needed answers).

Overall I really enjoyed the book and I think I may have found that series I have book looking for to occupy my time for a bit.


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