Tuesday, October 8, 2013

LEANN'S REVIEW: Pursued by the Playboy (Jill Blake) Doctors of Rittenhouse Square #1

Title: Pursued by the Playboy

Author: Jill Blake

Series: Doctors of Rittenhouse Square

Format: Ebook


Published January 15th 2013

Source of copy: Gifted by Jill Blake


When a bachelor who’s finally looking to settle down comes up against a career-driven woman who doesn’t believe in love, sparks ignite and passions flare.

Kate Warner isn’t interested in romance. After years of bearing silent witness to the disaster zone of her parents’ marriage, the last thing Kate wants is a husband and kids. Besides, she’s on the fast-track to academic success, bent on making a name for herself as a cancer researcher at an Ivy League university.

Enter Dr. Marc DiStefano, star of the university hospital’s department of gynecologic oncology. Dissatisfied with the Barbie-doll wanna-be’s of his past, and prompted by his large, close-knit family to think about the future, Marc sets his sights on Kate.

That’s when the problems begin. Kate’s passive-aggressive mother moves in. Marc’s meddling, if well-intentioned, sisters stir the pot. An unexpected pregnancy threatens to derail Kate’s tenure ambitions.

Set against the backdrop of Philadelphia’s oldest neighborhoods, with an ensemble cast of richly-drawn characters, Pursued by the Playboy offers a fresh take on contemporary love: real-life problems, plenty of humor, and the optimistic promise of a happy—if imperfect—ever after.

Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book


I don't know where to begin... I love when I can read a book and get so lost with in that I can't remember anything about my life for a few moments. I have read many wonderful books lately but mostly in the action and thriller genres, so I was looking for a change. I picked this one out of my to read list. I am thrilled I did.

When I turned that last page I just rolled over and reveled in the moment. This book was perfect in so many ways. Kate is the perfect head strong charcter every woman can relate to. She is real. Then there is Marc. A dream man who is perfect for all of us head strong women. Can I say perfect any more?

This book is Perfect. Great plot. Great romance. Perfect for that genre.


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