Saturday, October 19, 2013

LISA'S REVIEW: Damaged Beauties (Aphrodite Hunt) Romanced by the Damaged Millionaire #1

Title: Damaged Beauties

Author: Aphrodite Hunt

Series: Romanced by the Damaged Millionaire

Format: Ebook

ISBN:  9781301224029

Published December 20th 2012



Pretty and hard-nosed investigative journalist, Virginia Tremont, has talked her editor into giving her an assignment – to find out what happened to her former teenage celebrity crush, who suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the public eye ten years ago.

Virginia discovers that he now goes by the name of Ethan Greene. He is holed up in a mansion on a hill where strange things have been rumored to happen. Curiosity-seeking teenagers have been spooked. Young women have disappeared. Ethan himself is a recluse and is almost never seen.

Virginia engineers herself to be swept up in the strikingly handsome Ethan’s world, where nothing is as it seems. Then there are the troubling entries in Ethan’s diary: “He was here again. He wants to kill me. Take over this house completely.”

Too late, Virginia finds herself falling for him, and he for her. But has Virginia put herself in the path of a danger she has totally unforeseen?

DAMAGED BEAUTIES is the first volume in the ‘ROMANCED BY THE DAMAGED MILLIONAIRE’ BDSM erotic romance series.

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)

This was too short and ended way too soon. The story is ok but not great. Almost predictable but did have a little shock to it. I wish it would not have ended that way or I would have rated it better. The story has good potential, so I look forward to reading on. Otherwise not much else to review on. Sorry its so short.


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