Sunday, October 13, 2013

LISA'S REVIEW: Source One (Allyson Simonian)

Title: Source One

Author: Allyson Simonian

Format: Ebook

Published August 14th 2013


Brian Nichols is the CEO of Source One, a groundbreaking software company. A young widower, Brian is trying to hold it together for his little girl, unaware that someone from his past holds a grudge.

Amber Clark is hiding an arrest when she is hired as Brian's executive assistant. Brian is upset by the fact that he finds Amber attractive. He resolves not to interact with her any more than he has to.

Amber is left to cope with Brian's coldness while struggling to take care of her sick mother and put her life back in order.

Will it be Amber's past that comes back to haunt her? Or will Brian's enemy prevent her a chance at future happiness?

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


I enjoyed this read. It is not the top of my list and way easily put down, but still a good read. It had its predictable moments but it also had a major shock factor. I really enjoyed it though.

I would have given it a higher rating but the fact that it was easily put down and that it was some what predictable held me back. I liked the characters, but would have enjoyed more depth. A good read but lacking the wow factor.


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