Thursday, November 21, 2013

LISA'S REVIEW: In Love with a Billionaire 1 & 2 (Tanya Lane)

Title: In Love with a Billionaire

Author: Tanya Lane

Format: Ebook


Published October 11th 2013


Book 1 Description:

Lexi Casmino was busy planning her first getaway since the sudden death of her husband Jerry. She was 41 years-old living in Monroe NY. It was a small city. It was closer to Cleveland than New York City. She once had a boyfriend break up with her, as she was geographically undesirable. Her husband had died of a heart defect that had gone unknown until he dropped dead. Her daughters were Lucy 16- years-old and Mae 13. The latter had inherited the heart defect.

Her three closest friends lived in the Boston area where they had gone to college. They were having a reunion of sorts on Cape Cod. They insisted Lexi join. Her life was chaotic and her sister would gladly keep an eye on the girls. Lexi had auburn hair and green eyes. The past two years had taken their toll and she looked tired. With a swipe of lipstick and some rest, she would look 31. That was the intention of her trip north.

Book 2 Description:

Dr. Shelby Conrad III was stoking his internal fire. He was alone in his small skiff on the Blackwater Edisto River. He was navigating the uninhabited swampland. He could go hours without seeing another boat. If he did encounter another watercraft, they were there for similar reasons and a gentle nod was a zealous exchange.

Shelby was 44 years old. He owned two other fishing boats and a yacht, which contained dinghies larger than what he was navigating. The past three years had been challenging. Time in the swampland with the herons, egrets and alligators helped assess his recent triumphs and tragedies. He met a great woman in Lexi Casmino. Their romance was magical. It helped Shelby get himself on firm ground. She was more impressed by his moves in the kitchen and on the barbecue than the size of his billfold. She had an ill daughter and he provided healing to both young Mae and her widowed mother.

***Content warning: For adults only!***

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


Book 1 was good. I love the story. I have never been big on cheating but I do love this story. I am praying that Mae is ok and that Lexi and Shelby get together. I love the villains and this could be great. Can't wait to read on.

I hated book 2 for the most part, but solely because Lexi and Shelby are not together. Other than that good story. Still took a totally different direction from Book1. I wish it would have stayed on the same track. Maybe book 3 will be better.


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