Sunday, December 29, 2013

LEANN'S REVIEW: Brody's Love (Amy Gregory) Racing to Love #1.5

Title: Brody's Love

Author: Amy Gregory

Series: Racing to Love

ISBN: 9781938404436

Format: Ebook


Racing to Love ~ Brody’s Love

A Gift Novella from the Racing to Love Series

Erin was truly the girl next door. Sweet, fun, and easy-going. The epitome of the old cliché, but added to it…her kiss-me brown eyes. Growing up, they were only separated by a stream and a few hundred acres. Brody finally noticed her when they were both fourteen. He fell in love a handful of years later. Completely in love, they’d been together since.

He knew her inside and out, knew her heart, knew her body. Or so he thought.

What he initiated as a playful lover’s game earlier in the morning had flipped a one-eighty. What he hadn’t expected was that his kind and gentle Erin would up the ante.

Suddenly, Brody finds himself playing with fire.

**Please note: Intended for audiences 17+

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


This great read is short and sweet. The perfect little novella to tell Brody's story. Beautifully written and answers a few of the questions you had in the first book.

Since it comes after the first book very little background is needed, which leaves the author to get right into the story. I loved this little romance that has blossomed over years of love and friendship. It is a great read and a great filler in between books. If you are a fan of this series it is a must read.


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