Friday, January 17, 2014

LEANN'S REVIEW: The Invitation (Erika Wilde) The Marriage Diaries #5

Title: The Invitation

Author: Erika Wilde

Series: The Marriage Diaries

Format: ARC


After months of indulging in some of the hottest sex of his married life, Dean Noble intends to give Jillian a very special gift for their twentieth anniversary . . . an invitation that will take them beyond their wildest, most erotic fantasies.

Jillian is more than willing to accept her husband's invitation, and together they enter a provocative world where boundaries are pushed to the limit, pleasure is the ultimate goal, and Dean is able to embrace those darker desires he's kept a tight rein on all these years. But when Dean's alpha tendencies extend outside of the bedroom, a battle of wills ensues, and it's up to Jillian to show her husband that she's all for submission games in the playroom, but when it comes to her needs outside the bedroom he'll have to learn to compromise.

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Oh wow! This was the perfect way to end this little series. The cover is great! A really fun read. I loved this incredibly sexy read!  

I was completely caught off guard for a moment with the hotel scene but then bam right back in. I love that the author stays true to the characters throughout the stories. I also really enjoyed the new independence Jillian grasped and the move Dean made to visit the Players Club.

Dean is the ultimate sexy husband and Jill is the confident woman we all want to be. I love this series! I can honestly not say enough about this series or the author. This is the kind of series you pick up over and over again. And honestly I can't wait to relive this series again and jump into the new series this preludes to!

Great characters and I love the way Wilde sets up the next series. I can't wait to dive into it! I am really curious to see where Wilde takes us in this new series. I just know it will be wonderful. She has yet to disappoint!


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