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LISA'S REVIEW: A double feature: The Billionaire Bachelors # 1 & 2 (Melody Anne)

Title: The Billionaire Wins the Game
Author: Melody Anne
Series: The Billionaire Bachelor #1
Format: Ebook
Joseph Anderson has decided it is time his three successful sons find brides. Joseph wants grandchildren to fill his huge mansion, and he wants them immediately.

His eldest son Lucas is successful in all areas of his life except love. He has no desire to have any woman enter that life, causing chaos, or using his family's name.

Amy Harper was raised in tragic circumstances and does not like pampered, rich men who have been handed everything with a silver spoon. She spent years finishing her education and was blessed to get a job with the famous Andersons Corporation.

Amy and Lucas will fight their attraction to each other, but find that they cannot resist the sparks that fly. They take a journey together learning to challenge, trust and ultimately….. Love. 

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)
I absolutely love this series! Joseph is the greatest character. A dad who loves his sons, wants them happy and is retired with time to spare. He plans the perfect bride for his son Lucas. His wife Katherine is a great match for Joseph and does not approve of his interference but stays out of it.
Amy has no clue the real reason Joseph chooses her for the job and the connection with Lucas makes her new job very interesting. I love the back and forth. I love Amy's character. At times I want to smack Lucas but I love this romance.
A must read I love this book! Can't wait to dive into Alex's story!
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Title: The Billionaire's Dance
Author: Melody Anne
Format: Ebook
Series: The Billionaire Bachelors #2
Joseph Anderson has decided it is time his three successful sons find brides. Joseph wants grandchildren to fill his huge mansion, and he wants them immediately. He was successful in his eldest son's match, and in this book his scheming brings Alex and Jessica together.

Alex is a confirmed Bachelor who loves to travel all around the globe and romance as many women as possible. That is until he meets Jessica Sanders. One night with her and he is changing his views of bachelorhood and starting to think that married life is the new way for him.

Jessica comes from a wealthy family, and has had one too many good looking men take advantage of her family’s money. When she meets confirmed bachelor and known playboy Alex Anderson, she is distrustful of his flirting, and tries to avoid him at all costs. That is until they end up trapped in an elevator, and her fear of the dark, tight space is greater than her fear of the man she is trapped with.

Alex comforts her by making steamy love in the elevator, and when she runs away once they are free, he walks away wanting more. One year later he finds out he is a father, and he makes sure Jessica has no other choice than to let him do the honorable thing. They have passion, romance, love and family to help guide them through the chaos.

See Mark in the final book of the series, The Billionaire Falls
Another amazing read in Anne's Billionaire Bachelors series. Just like his brother Lucas, Alex has no idea how bad his father wants grandkids or to what lengths he will go to to get them.
Joseph has another great bride picked for Alex but can Alex ever have anything more than a one night stand? Jessica is a wonderful character! I want to shake her and scream TELL HIM at one point but I love her character.
Anne does an amazing job creating so many great characters in this series. I fell in love with all the Anderson men! Alex and Jessica ate a great couple to read about, falling and fighting right along with them. I can't wait to read Mark's adventure in love after reading Alex and Lucas's crazy ride to happiness!
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