Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LEANN'S REVIEW: Eli's Honor (Amy Gregory) Racing to Love #3

Eli's Honor (Racing To Love)

Title: Eli's Honor

Author: Amy Gregory

Series: Racing to Love

Format: ARC


How can you miss something you never had? 

Retired pro motocross racer Eli Hunter had it all; at least that’s how he chose to look at things. His life revolved around the sport he loved and he had been catapulted to rock star status. Eli loved the feel of a bike under him as he raced, even…when it almost killed him.

After fighting back from a debilitating injury Eli has devoted his life to The Noland Racing Academy. As far as Eli was concerned that was all he’d ever need, that is until he sat across from Dallas, a young up and coming racer, and his widowed mother, Honor. It was then that Eli realized exactly what he had been missing. 
The prospect of sending her son off to the Noland’s Racing Academy was daunting enough without being faced by the devil in a pair of blue jeans. When Honor held the door open for Eli Hunter she knew she was letting him walk right into her life, but she refused to let him into her heart. 
Eli has never backed down from a challenge and he wasn’t about to stop now. Not when those long auburn curls and shy violet eyes were the answer to his unspoken prayers.

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


It is rare to find a series that keeps getting better and better. The kind of series that never lets you come down off that book high, because you can't get enough. Gregory has created one of those series, and I believe this is the best book so far in the series! 

The characters I loved before brought back again and the new characters add depth and family to the story! I loved this book! I feel kind of like gushing, but I will spare you all with my oooohs and awwws. An absolute great read! I love that we get to continue to see the lives of the old characters as well as read about the love and romance of the characters we have yet to explore yet.

The perfect story line and beautifully written. If you haven't fell in love with this series you are missing out!  It's well worth the time to immerse yourself in the racing to love series! 


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