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DOUBLE FEATURE: LEANN'S REVIEW: Jeremy Fisk #1 & #2 (Dick Wolf)

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Acclaimed Law & Order creator and bestselling author Dick Wolf 
raises the stakes in his highly anticipated second novel
 featuring the NYPD’s secret weapon against terrorism—
 Detective Jeremy Fisk



Wow! I this book is just as amazing as the first in the series. I hate to compare it to Law & Order but I honestly feel like I am in a movie or TV show each time I read Wolf's work. I love Fisk's character. While the story is about Fisk's adventures, the points of view change. One minute we are NYPD and the next we are terrorist plotting the next demise. 

A thrilling read that kept me on the edge of my seat! I couldn't wait to see what happened next but I didn't want it to end either. Action and suspense! A true adrenaline read the last few chapters. And a twist I didn't see coming! Well a couple of twist at the end. I did like this ending much better than the first books ending. 


(keep reading below for an excerpt!) 

Praise for last year’s series debut THE INTERCEPT:


I was blown away by this read! I love all the Law and Order series and to find out that the creator is writing a book I almost flipped. Then I dive into the pages and can't stop reading. I love Fisk. The characters, story line, mystery... They are all captivating. 

As you read you feel like you are wrapped up in this story right along with the characters. The twist this book took caught me by surprise! I hated the ending. It was devastating. At least the good guys won, if you could say that. I love how real it all seemed. When there are acts of terror I guess there are really no winners and Wolf portrayed that wonderfully. 

Very well written. A true page turner. I can't wait to jump into the next book. I hope Fisk's adventures aren't as devastating as this one, but I am sure Wolf will captivate this reader again! 


“Wolf’s ‘The Intercept,’ wherein al-Qaeda attempts another major attack on New York, is a smart, suspenseful, highly professional piece of work that should rank with the best of this year’s thrillers.”  
 — Washington Post
“Part police procedural and part ticking-bomb thriller.”   — New York Times
“A can-they-stop-him thriller in the manner of Day of the Jackal.”   — Miami Herald
“Wolf makes it look like he’s been writing novels his entire life. The tight prose, great characters and the intense twists are all signs of a master at work. . . . Readers will be clamoring for more adventures with Jeremy Fisk.”   — Associated Press
“Dick Wolf extends his brand masterfully in The Intercept . . . Wolf, who turned formula into high art in Law & Order, uses many of the same devices he deploys so effectively on TV: crosscutting, scene-shifting, manipulating points of view. That’s how he builds suspense.”   — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Like Law & Order, this book unfolds crisply and intelligently, with a nice mixture of suspense and social observation. . . . Wolf does a shrewd job of setting the stage for his protagonist’s next appearance. Storytelling pro Wolf knows how to ratchet up tension and sustain it.”   — Kirkus Reviews

“A spectacular fiction debut . . . A pulsating plotline. Clever characters. Dramatic dialogue. Surprising twists. All make for an edge-of-your-seat read that will have thriller fans eagerly awaiting the next series installment.”   — Library Journal (starred review)

“Stunning, heart-stopping fiction. . . . [A] fabulous new book . . . it’s un-put-downable, full of good and bad guys and lots of surprises. . . . If you are a thrill seeker, don’t miss this novel.”  
— Liz Smith, Huffington Post

“The first novel by the creator of Law & Order feels like a Law & Orderepisode. Thank goodness. . . . Like Law & OrderThe Intercept works as well as it does because of its pacing; it’s a fast read with a satisfying arc. . . . Its supporting cast members are drawn sharply enough to imagine them being inhabited by New York character actors.”   — Slate

Last year Law & Order creator Dick Wolf burst onto the literary scene with his bestselling debut thriller, The Intercept.  The Associated Press declared, “…tight prose, great characters and the intense twists are all signs of a master at work,” and the Washington Post exclaimed, “[The Intercept] should rank with the best of this year’s thrillers.”

Now Wolf delivers his follow-up, THE EXECUTION (William Morrow; On-Sale: January 7, 2014; One Day Laydown; ISBN: 9780062064851; Price: $27.99/ $33.99 Can.), in which Jeremy Fisk—detective with the NYPD’s  Intelligence Division of the Joint Terrorism Task Force—is out to stop an assassin let loose in New York City by a shadowy business cartel.

Ten days after the Mexican presidential election, twenty-three bodies are discovered beheaded on the border between the U.S. and Mexico. Leading the investigation for the Mexican intelligence agency is 35-year-old Cecilia Garza, a raven-haired beauty who’s notorious for her intensity and take-no-prisoners demeanor. Garza has learned the hard way that a forgiving nature can be an officer’s worst enemy.

Upon the bodies of the cartel’s victims she finds a carved symbol—a Hummingbird—and recognizes it as the mark of an assassin known only as Chuparosa, a man both feared and celebrated for his brutality. Even Garza, who has been pursuing him for years, knows almost nothing about him. Except that he’s now headed to New York.

Meanwhile, it is United Nations week in Manhattan and a grieving Jeremy Fisk is dealing with the loss of his partner and lover and the trial of the Swedish terrorist responsible for her death. There’s no time for grief, though, when you’re responsible for the safety and security of the world’s most powerful leaders. Complicating matters is the startling news of a mass murder in nearby Rockaway, where a dozen people have been found dead.

Fisk may not like Garza, the pushy new arrival from Mexico, but they’re going to need each other if they stand a chance of finding and stopping Chuparosa. Soon they both realize that there’s more to this threat than meets the eye—and Fisk will have to learn the hard way that justice is not always blind.

Filled with electrifying plot twists, high-wire drama, and even a little romance—THE EXECUTION is an adrenaline pumping story that could have been ripped from the headlines, yet is enticing and entertaining enough to keep readers wanting more. As the mastermind behind one of the most successful and prolific television brands of all time—NBC’s Law & Order—Dick Wolf uses his dynamic storytelling skills to captivate audiences with his Jeremy Fisk series.

Wolf explains, “The NYPD Intelligence Unit provides a goldmine of story possibilities for Fisk. As much as the threats—narco-terrorists in The Executionand Muslim fundamentalists in The Intercept — what also attracts me about these stories is the possibility of exploring the things that drive the people involved in counter-terrorism on a daily basis. And the psychological toll they face when they know that the only good days are the ones in which nothing happens. Coupled with constant anxiety about the cost of failure against enemies who are often unknown. This makes Fisk an idiosyncratic, yet totally disciplined investigator.”

THE EXECUTION: A Jeremy Fisk Novel By Dick Wolf
William Morrow an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
On-Sale: January 7, 2014
ISBN: 9780062068491; E-Book ISBN:9780062064851
Price: $27.99


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