Friday, March 21, 2014

LISA'S REVIEW: One Last Breath (Stephen Booth) Cooper & Fry # 5

Title: One Last Breath

Author: Stephen Booth

Series: Cooper & Fry


Around the ancient cave system in Derbyshire are thronging tourists, a medieval castle, and the thriving town of Castleton. With its underground tunnels and caverns, it’s the perfect place for a man to hide—or vanish. Detectives Ben Cooper and Diane Fry are looking for such a man, one who is on a murderous rampage.

An escaped convict is on the loose, and, after thirteen years in prison, he may be seeking revenge on the son of the cop who put him away in the first place … Cooper’s father


Another great Cooper and Fry mystery in the beautifully described Peak District. Though Booth's descriptions are wordy it makes me want to see the beauty of the area he writes about. At this point though I am so ready for Cooper and Fry to be together. I liked what Quinn was proved innocent, I was rooting for him. The book was slow during the middle but overall another great Cooper and Fry tale. Here is  to hoping they come together in the next book!


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