Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LISA'S REVIEW: Perfectly Pure and Good (Frances Fyfield) Sarah Fortune Mystery #2

Title: Perfectly Pure and Good

Author: Frances Fyfield

Series: Sarah Fortune


Sarah Fortune's name belies her recent life. A beautiful red-haired attorney, she's still recovering from a macabre attack by a now-deceased client, Charles Tysall, who became obsessed with her. Now the senior partner in her firm has asked her to travel to the seaside town of Merton to sort out a legacy left to the feuding Pardoe family. It is the same town where Tysall spent his summer holidays.Sarah arrives in Merton to find there is more to sort out than the huge, convoluted estate. And as she moves closer to the heart of the Pardoe family secrets, she also moves toward a confrontation with a tall, white-haired vagrant who has begun to haunt the quay -- a malevolent and cunning "ghost" out of Sarah's own past.


I liked this book but not as good as some of her other book. Always a Fyfield fan, she writes great crime mysteries you can't put down. Always page turners. This one is no exception, but I have liked others more. The story lacked a little in this one for me. I did not get into it as much. But don't get me wrong. This was still a great book. This book has a good plot I just didn't enjoy it as much as some of her others. I like Sarah's character but again I like some of her other characters better. A good book just not my cup of tea.I am just conflicted about it. I liked it, it was goo, just not great.


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