Monday, March 31, 2014

LISA'S REVIEW: Shadow Play (Frances Fyfield) Helen West #4

Title: Shadow Play

Author: Frances Fyfield

Series: Helen West


In Shadow Play, Frances Fyfield hones her powers of writerly suspense to give us a sophisticated, psychologically gripping tale about crimes of the most twisted passions.The odd, vaguely menacing little man called Mr. Logo is a familiar figure in the old court building in London. Although frequently brought before the magistrate for indecent assault, he is invariably acquitted due to lack of evidence. He is especially familiar to Helen West, the take-no-prisoners Crown Prosecutor who has just failed for the fifth time to prosecute him. Now he is off-limits to her until his next appearance in court. Yet, when she befriends Rose, the young, compulsively secretive and promiscuous clerk in the office, Helen West unwittingly sets in motion events that will dangerously complicate her connection to Mr. Logo and push his rage and dark passion to lethal extremes.


This is one of Fyfield's better books. It is well written and I found myself lost in the mystery quickly. I enjoy her work and I think this is one of my favorites. I really like Helen West character and have enjoyed her story so far. Helen and Bailey. What can I say? The drama in her personal life adds to this book and gives more to her character. In this book Helen helps out a co-worker and it is one suspenseful tale. Another great read I recommend to crime lover!!


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