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LEANN'S REVIEW: Jahlee (S. Ann Cole) Loving all Wrong #1

Title:  Jahleel (Loving All Wrong #1)
Author:  S. Ann Cole
Publication Date:  April 8, 2014
Genre:  Contemporary Romance 18+
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~Synopsis ~
A TRUE-ly fabricated story about Love & Obsession...
I’m an idiot.
I’m too stupid to be human. Too stupid to live.
I lack common sense.
I used to be a normal human being. Until the guy in the red hoodie. Just a glance, and I was owned. Enslaved.
What’s worst? He didn’t even notice me.
Yep. You guessed right: I’m delusional. I’m obsessed. I’m a stalker. A martyr. A masochist.
I’ve allowed my obsession to lead me down into a deep, dark pit, selfishly hurting everyone around me, and only his requited love can pull me out of it.
But I won’t apologize for it. I won’t apologize for being in love with Jahleel Kingston.
I’ve loved him at first sight. I’ve loved him for five empty years. I’ve loved him through all his bullcrap and asshole-isms.
I love him even now.
My name is Saskia Day. I’m British. I’m famous. I’m stinking rich. And this is my pathetic story.
Read at your own bloody risk.

~ About the Author ~

First a reader and second a writer, Ann is an exaggerator, a laugher, sometimes overly chatty, sometimes overly shy. She believes cats are evil, and also detests dogs—mainly because she’d been bitten over a dozen times on separate occasions by the rambunctious creatures in her formative years (even by her own dogs.)
She is not your typical girl: she hates chocolate, candle-lit dinners and all that hearts and flowers stuff makes her feel awkward and coffee makes her drowsier than ever.
A lover of all things ‘romance’, Ann has always been a writer of poetries and songs of any kind. All who’s acquainted with Ann can attest to witnessing her write her way through life: through destruction, devastation, hardship, sadness and disappointments, her coping mechanism has always been writing.
Having an obsessive and unquenchable affair with the written word, she’s naturally a recluse who dwells inside her imagination and has to suffer continual bashings from her friends for being a neglectful pal who does nothing but sit around the computer all day, writing.
When she’s not abusing her computer keyboard, you can find her nosing a novel, watching anything on television that makes her laugh out loud, studying the Bible, or nursing any of the three alcoholic beverages: Black Label and Coke, Heineken, or a glass of Merlot.
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I am a freaking mess over this book. I definitely have a love hate thing going on right now! I can't believe the roller coaster this story took me on. Lets start off with the characters. Very well written and life like. I was captivated from the very first page. I can't get over some of their flaws. I think this might e why I enjoyed the read so much too. These characters made their lives very hard to live for a while and do some seriously screwed up crap to each other in the process.

A great read but emotionally draining. Haven't really read a story like it before. Like I said caught me on page one and I couldn't put it down. I loved all the characters, but I really enjoyed the side characters. They brought the story to life. 


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