Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BOOK BLAST: A Chance for More (Zanne Sweeny)



East Coast residing Shelby Jensen, a cute, headstrong, realist, meets alpha male Clay Jones, a
good-looking, sexy Wyoming rancher, sparks fly. They live on opposite ends of
the country. He’s a player and she’s loyal to the core. He has a ‘live in the
moment’ philosophy and she is a cautious, love leery woman. In spite of these
differences, passions erupt when these two strong personalities explore the
scorching physical and emotional chemistry connecting them. Should they take A
Chance For More?



Clay picked Shelby up under her ass. She wrapped

her legs around his waists and he walked them to the bed. They continued to
explore each other with their hands as their tongues fought for dominance. Clay
was so hard he felt his jeans zipper imprinting on his cock. He placed his hand
under Shelby’s chin and forced her to look at him.

His voice was ragged as he fought for control.

“Shel's, I want to be with you more than you can even imagine, but I want you
to want it too.”

Shelby knew Clay deserved her honesty. She

wanted him to understand how she felt.

“I’m afraid Clay. I don’t want to get hurt. I’m

not a one and done girl. I don’t know what this is. What we are.” Shelby paused
and dragged in a breath. “I do know you make me want more, more time, more kisses,
more you.”

Clay bookended her face with his hands and

dropped her forehead to hers. “I want more too, Shel's. We can do this. We can
have more.” He whispered huskily.

Shelby slid her hands into Clays hair and pulled

him down so she could kiss him. Right before she devoured him she murmured,


Zanne Sweeney is a

graduate from Kent State University. She is a teacher, and coach, who loves to
write stories that she hopes her readers won’t want to put down. “That’s the
ultimate compliment.”  

When she’s not teaching, coaching, or

writing Zanne loves to spend
time with her family and fun loving friends. She is a novice photographer, is a
consummate sports fan, and never without a book to read. 

You can reach

out to Zanne on Twitter @zanneweeney and on her
Facebook like page: Zanne Sweeney -



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