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LEANN'S REVIEW: White Collared (Shelly Bell) Part Four

Part Four: Passion

In the thrilling conclusion of Shelly Bell's

White Collared series, Kate and Jaxon are finally free to put the past behind
them, but a shocking betrayal could have deadly consequences that neither saw

Compelled by
 truth …

With Alyssa's

murder solved, Kate attempts to fix the damage to her relationship with Jaxon,
but with his reputation and career destroyed by false accusations, Jaxon asks
for time to consider their future. Yet as hard as Kate tries, she can't
extinguish her desire for Jaxon, or forget the pleasure she's found in

Dominated by
 love …

In an attempt to

convince Jaxon they truly belong together, Kate allows him to dominate her
completely, signifying her trust and proving her love. But just as everything
she's ever dreamed of is finally within her grasp, Kate discovers a chilling
secret from Alyssa's past that brings her world crashing down … and reveals a
murderer hiding in plain sight.


An end to this amazing little serial series. After completing all four parts I am 100% satisfied with this series. There were times I questioned parts as I read along, but now with the ending I am very happy with the results. First off I loved that you didn't have to wait months or years to get the ending. By quickly releasing these parts in the series the author kept my focus. 

The characters are great. Again at times I question some of their motives or actions, but it all comes together nicely! I was a little surprised at who the killer was... Suspense and surprise are the two things I love most about this book. Well that and the very steamy romance. A great read and a perfect conclusion to this four part series.



Chapter 1. Glitter in the
Air by P!nk

Chapter 2. Broken by Seether
with Amy Lee

Chapter 3. It’s Been a While
by Staind

Chapter 4. Streets of Mexico
by Ron Masom

Chapter 5. Monster by Eminem

Chapter 6. Bleeding Out by
Imagine Dragons

Chapter 7. Lost In Paradise
by Evanescence

Chapter 8. No Surprise by

Chapter 9. Say Something by
Big World and Christina Aguilera

Chapter 10. Burn it Down by
Linkin Park


  1. It’s
    all about sex.

TRUTH: BDSM is about many

things and sex is only a part. It’s a consensual exchange of power. 
  1. It’s
    all about pain.

TRUTH: BDSM stands for bondage,

discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism. In other words, there are
a variety of ways people practice BDSM. Just because you’re a submissive
doesn’t mean you’re a masochist and not all Dominants enjoy inflicting pain.
Whips and chains are not required.
  1. Sadists
    are killers.

TRUTH: Are some killers

sadists? Yes. Are some sadists killers? Yes. But sadism in itself does not mean
you’re prone toward violence. To qualify as BDSM, it must be consensual.
  1. Dominants
    are mostly men.

TRUTH: While most erotic

romances about BDSM showcase male Dominants, female Dominants or Dommes are
  1. There’s
    only one way to practice it.

TRUTH: Every healthy

relationship includes responsibilities, expectations, and boundaries. But what
works in one relationship may not work for another. It’s the same in BDSM, only
the responsibilities, expectations, and boundaries are explicitly negotiated.
  1. People
    who engage in the lifestyle are abusers or suffer from abuse.

TRUTH: BDSM is not abuse. First,

it is consensual. Second, the masochist/submissive/bottom can use his/her safe
word to stop it. Third, there is no research to suggest a higher incidence of
previous abuse for those in the BDSM lifestyle than the general population.
7. People who engage in the lifestyle have a psychological condition.

TRUTH: The American Psychiatric

Society no longer classifies participation in BDSM as a mental disorder.
8. People in the lifestyle are promiscuous.

TRUTH: There is no evidence to

support that those who engage in BDSM are any more promiscuous than the general
9. No one you know practices it.

TRUTH: Want to bet? An

estimated five to ten percent of people practice S&M, but plenty more tie
up their lover in the bedroom (thirty percent). Ever allow a lover to blindfold
you? In doing so, you’re consensually handing over power to him/her and
trusting him/her to honor your boundaries. This is part of BDSM. Based on that
definition, twenty percent of the population engages in the practice.
10. It is your business to know what happens behind closed doors.

TRUTH: Even if your neighbors

are part of the lifestyle, it is none of your business. They have the same
right to privacy as you, so unless they choose to divulge their sexual
activities, don’t worry about it. They won’t bite you without your consent. J

For more information on the legal and political issues faced

by those in the BDSM lifestyle, visit The National Coalition For Sexual Freedom


SHELLY BELL writes sensual romance and erotic thrillers with

high-emotional stakes for her alpha heroes and kiss-ass heroines. She began
writing upon the insistence of her husband who dragged her to the store and
bought her a laptop. When she’s not practicing corporate law, taking care of
her family, or writing, you’ll find her reading the latest smutty romance. 

Shelly is a member of Romance Writers of America and International Thriller


Twitter: shellybell987


“Shelly Bell is a fresh

new voice in erotic romance. She brings the heat!” ~ Lexi Blake, NYT and USA
Today Bestselling Author

"White Collared

takes you on a thrill ride of danger, murder and lust, leaving you hungry for
the next installment." ~ Stacey Kennedy, USA Today Bestselling Author of

"A rollercoaster ride of jaw-dropping sex, heated anticipation, and a
perfect dash of suspense, all tied together with flawless writing. When I
wasn't clenching my thighs, I was frantically flipping pages to find out what
would happen next! I can't recommend this series enough. Buy it. Devour
it." ~ Alessandra Torre, USA Today Bestselling Author of BLINDFOLDED

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