Saturday, July 26, 2014


Welcome Sarina Bowen to the Summer Lovin' Party. We are excited to have you, and so happy you agreed to do an interview with us.

TWINS-  Where is your favorite place to go in the summer?
SARINA- Vermont is just glorious in the summer. After all those months of cold, everything blooms green. It's hard to leave here during those months, because I might miss the ripe raspberries in the backyard, or the cool air blowing through at night. It's paradise. (Just remind me that I told you this come March...)

TWINS- What is your favorite summer activity?
SARINA- It's fun to build a bonfire and make smores, of course. Then there's drinks outside by the pool, or an outdoor concert.

TWINS- Swimming or sun bathing?
SARINA- Sun bathing. Easy choice.

TWINS- Fishing or boating or both?
SARINA- Boating.

TWINS- Beach or Lake or Pool? 
SARINS- All of the above?

TWINS- Hiking or biking?
SARINA- Hiking!

TWINS- Camping or vacationing? 
SARINA- Vacationing. I love the outdoors, but access to a hot shower is a must.

TWINS- In your opinion what is the sexiest summer wear on a man? woman?
SARINA- On a man: shorts and a snug-fitting t-shirt. On a woman: skirts and tanks.

TWINS- What is your go to summer read? 
SARINA- Jane Austen, of course. Or a funny contemporary romance.

TWINS- Since it is summer and we love steamy reads for summer, what is your favorite steamy summer read? 
SARINA- Anything by Kristen Ashley.

TWINS- Where do you prefer to read in the summer? 
SARINA- On my bed after dark, with the scent of lilacs coming through the window.

TWINS- When you think summer what is the first thing to come to mind? 
SARINA- My favorite cocktail: cognac & tonic with lime.

TWINS- Have you ever had a summer fling/love?
SARINA- I met my husband on July 6th, and we dated all summer long, including trips to the beach on crowded trains.

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