Thursday, July 31, 2014

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Theresa Troutman

 The Twins would like to welcome to the Summer Lovin' Party Theresa Troutman. We would also like to thank her for doing this. She has been so kind to join in this event and do an interview and a takeover. The takeover is on our facebook page and will take place Aug 1 at 5:30 pm, so be sure to come and hang out with us. So here is Theresa's summer love interview.

Theresa Troutman
Young Adult / New Adult Romance Author
TWINS- Where is your favorite place to go in the summer?  
THERESA- Sydney, Austraila
TWINS- What is your dream summer destination? 
THERESA- I would like to visit Fiji
TWINS- What is your favorite summer activity?
THERESA- Walking and listening to my iPod to get story ideas.
TWINS- Swimming or sun bathing? 
THERESA- Swimming
TWINS- Fishing or boating or both?
THERESA- Boating
TWINS- Beach or Lake or Pool? 
TWINS- Hiking or biking?

TWINS- Camping or vacationing?

THERESA- Vacationing

TWINS-  In your opinion what is the sexiest summer wear on a man? woman?

THERESA- Men- swim trunks,  Woman - sundress

TWINS- What is your go to summer read?

THERESA- The Secret Of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

TWINS-  Since it is summer and we love steamy reads for summer, what is your favorite steamy summer read?

THERESA- The Satin Sash by Red Garnier

TWINS-  Where do you prefer to read in the summer?

THERESA- Romance
TWINS- When you think summer what is the first thing to come to mind?

TWINS- Have you ever had a summer fling/love?

TWINS- What is the sexiest way to travel in the summer? (type of car, motorcycle, bike)
THERESA- Plane leaving the country for a foreign destination

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