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BOOK BLAST: Stardancer and The Consort (Ariel MacArran)

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Title: Stardancer
Author: Ariel MacArran
Genre: Sci-Fiction Romance 18 +
Published Date: October 14, 2013
Publisher: Here Be Dragons
Kinara crosses into Az-kye space seeking revenge but her act of vengeance goes horribly wrong when her ship is captured. Defeated and enslaved Kinara offers herself to Aidar, the Az-kye commander, in exchange for her crew's protection. But this warrior wants much more than just her submission, he wants her to give herself completely . . .


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Title: The Consort
Author: Ariel MacArran
Genre: Science Fiction Romance 18 +
Published Date: June 6, 2014
Publisher: Here Be Dragons
~ Book Synopsis ~
After spending a year enslaved by the Az-kye, Commander Kyndan Maere has good reason to hate them. On the eve of peace between the Tellaran Realm and the Az-kye Empire, Kyndan finds himself drawn into a duel for the hand of Alari, the First Imperial Daughter. When their passion ignites, Kyndan learns the only thing harder than winning this princess would be losing her . . .


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Tall and heavily muscled, the passing warriors were indeed an intimidating bunch. Between the arrogance of their strides, the dark skins they wore and the obvious scars of battle-hardened men, they seemed to be spoiling for a fight.
They might be strong, but she bet if something blocked their way they would probably hammer at it for hours with a sword rather than simply walk around it.
The thought made Kinara smile.
“That warrior pleases you?”
“Huh?” she said, jolted out of her thoughts to find a warrior looking back at her intently as they passed.
“Perhaps pleases you enough to share a bed with him.”
She looked at Aidar to see that he was genuinely annoyed. “No, I was just thinking.”
“And looking you on other warriors.”
“Is there something wrong with looking? I’m curious about your people too.”
“Do you look so boldly on them, they will think you wish them to join with you.”
Kinara immediately dropped her eyes. She didn’t want any of these warriors thinking she was making offers, and she didn’t want any trouble right now either. She watched her feet and she looked at the walls. She tried to make a mental map of the ship so she could get back to her crew if an opportunity for escape came up.
They went down a passage she hadn’t seen yet, but the curve of the floor was so steep she knew they were going down another level. Aidar nodded to the warriors at the door. One of the warriors stepped forward to follow them inside and the other opened the door.
The sight that greeted her was appalling. Her crew was here, dressed as she in plain white smocks, but if Barin’s slave quarters were bad, these were atrocious.
They were herded together like animals, and there was not so much as a heating unit or a blanket here. Cold lights placed high on the walls gave a sickly greenish light and the room was freezing. Kinara suddenly realized that they were huddled together mainly for warmth.
Tears stung her eyes at the enthusiastic greeting they gave her. They looked so frightened, and so young. Tedah rushed forward and and pulled her into his arms.
He was dirty and the growth of his beard scratched her cheek as he hugged her.
“I’m so sorry,” she whispered. “I'm sorry about all of this.”
“Kinna, I thought they’d—no, never mind. You’re all right.” He cupped her face, and briefly kissed her. “You’re all right.”
“Tedah, is everyone—?” This was her fault, all of it, and the shame she felt wouldn’t let her finish.
“We’re all right,” he soothed. “We haven’t been hurt and everyone else is here.”
All right for now. But in a place like this they wouldn’t be all right for long.
She let go of Tedah, motioning him to stay behind.
She stood before Aidar.
“My lord—” It took a moment before she could lift her eyes. “My lord, please, my people are not used to this treatment. They will sicken and die in this cold. Please, some blankets and heating unit—”
His disbelief was evident. “They will not die. Even Tellarans cannot be so weak.”
“They will. Look at them.”
His dark eyes ran over them with a mixture of contempt and calculation.
“Please, some comfort for them would—”
His lip curled. “Think you I care for the comfort of slaves? Come, if looking on them upsets you so, we will leave.”
She put her hand on his arm.
“Please, Ad—my lord,” she said, her voice low and her eyes downcast. “I would—” She swallowed. “I would be grateful.”
He looked at her face, glanced at her body. “And in your gratitude, Cy’atta, what do you offer?”
She wet her lips. “You wanted to bed me. You wanted me willing. That is what I offer.”

Ariel’s three favorite quotes from Stardancer and why.
‘How sweet this moment had seemed in the safety of her rooms when she’d imagined it. The bile rose in her throat. With this last order she was going condemn everyone on that ship to death.
Maybe — maybe I should—’
Ariel: I love this because it’s the very start of Kinara’s maturing in the story arc. This is the moment when she realizes how serious—how out of hand—the situation has gotten. People are going to die here and she’s going to be responsible; it’s a heavy burden and not one that she wants to shoulder.

“You will disobey me?”
“No. You can order me to your bed but that isn’t the same as my choosing it, is it?”’

Ariel: This is part of the conversation between Aidar and Kinara after her ship has been captured. She and her crew have been taken prisoner and enslaved but Aidar has chosen her for himself. She’s alone with him, unarmed, separated from her people but just with her wits and courage Kinara holds her own so well that Aidar is the one at a disadvantage.

‘She suddenly had a heart-wrenching thought. “Aidar, if we had a child, he couldn’t admit to being half Tellaran, could he?”’

Ariel: Aidar and Kinara’s relationship has a lot of conflict and a whole lot has to be solved before they get their (well deserved!) happy ending. This is when Kinara has realized that she’s ready to commit to Aidar, to be part of Az-kye society but she’s still Tellaran too. She’s not about to give up what makes her herself and that means Aidar and Kinara need to work together to find a way to forge a future together.

How did you create chemistry between the characters?

Kinara and Aidar were a joy to write and just the vast difference in their cultures sets them up perfectly for conflict! The Az-kye—Aidar’s people—are a very structured society with strict observance of traditional ways, where personal honor is everything. His culture emphasizes the importance of following the established social order while Kinara’s Tellaran heritage leads her to do everything but! The Tellarans are casual, warm and unrestrained in their emotional expression. For an Az-kye like Aidar, falling in love with a Tellaran woman means having his whole life turned upside down.
Their intense attraction and the inevitable arguments and misunderstandings of coming from such different societies gave me so much to work with that their chemistry just sizzles off the page.

Author Ariel MacArran’s take on Stardancer’s the main characters.
Aidar’s tough warrior exterior hides painful loss and guilt. He’s spent most of his life orphaned in an Empire that values clan connections above all. He’s smart, fiercely loyal and more of a traditionalist than most Az-kye because of what he’s suffered.
Kinara is a leap-before-you-look type of woman. She’s known loss too but she’s warm-hearted, opinionated and—at least at the beginning of the book—her smart mouth gets her in tons of trouble. (F.Y.I. people who know me say that Kinara reminds them very much of me. Honestly, I don’t know what they’re talking about.) Kinara’s story arc takes her from the childish selfishness of seeking revenge to putting herself aside for the greater good and undertaking the responsibilities of an entire clan.

About the Author

Ariel MacArran photo Ariel_with_Butterflies_Cropped_zps2f670283.jpg
Ariel MacArran has loved books and writing since childhood. Growing up in New York City, her first self-published works (at 5) were made with construction paper and yarn and featured original stories and illustrations by the author. She holds a degree in English and a Masters in Counseling. Ariel lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her family.
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