Monday, July 7, 2014

GUEST BLOG: Amy Gregory

Summer Lovin’ Blog Post – Amy Gregory

All right, I’m going to be really nice and let you all in on the inner workings of my crazy! You’re special….okay maybe you’re a victim, it’s all in how you look at it!
So, being a redhead I’m very fair-skinned, so yes, I’m the sun’s prey! I also have very sensitive skin, as in all gluten-free products and physical sunscreen instead of regular easy to buy (cheaper stuff!) Well here is the kicker, I’m one of those who puts on makeup to go to the pool, lake, beach – even our creek at the farm. BUT…before you call me a girly girl, see—I caught you, didn’t I? Understand what I can’t get my husband to wrap his brain around!
I don’t use foundation, but a tinted sunscreen. I wear powder over it to help add a layer to keep my face from burning…here’s where he thinks I’m off my rocker. I wear eye-shadow! Yes, because—you got it! It adds yet a third layer on my eyelids. If you have never had your face burned so bad your eyelids are on fire—count yourself LUCKY! And to add to my ever-lovin crazy—I wear mascara.
Don’t roll your eyes at me! I do have a reason for it too! See…….. I warned you, y’all followed me down the rabbit hole anyway! I have really bad allergies, despite meds. So, if I wear mascara, I won’t touch or rub my eyes when they itch! Medical genius I say! Okay, I know y’all are laughing your asses off at me about now, but look at it this way. I have just given you the best tricks IN THE WORLD for keeping your faces from turning into lobsters! You’re welcome. :D
I’ll go one step further and give you permission to laugh at this. I won’t wear a hat, instead I wear a visor. Sounds normal, right? Ask me why…cause hello! The sun is bleaching my hair for FREE! Laugh and laugh, it’s okay, I gave you the go ahead.
I hope you all have a great summer, stay safe, read lots of steamy fun, and oh um—hint hint, I have the yummiest ex-sniper you’ve ever met just waiting for you!
Love and squishy hugs,



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