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Book Boyfriend Runner-Up!!!

Battle of the Book Boyfriend

Hello all,
Welcome to our summer battle! We had a big battle and are sad to see it end. We have battled it out until the end of the summer between you favorite book boyfriends. The End is here! Time for the winner to be crowned and named the Summer Lovin' Book Boyfriend. This was all up to you, the fans. Now you have your winner! (all the information here was provided by the authors that nominated the boyfriends)

Summer Lovin' Book Boyfriend Runner-Up

Leaving his last foster home, Tyson Ellison signed his name on the dotted line and checked out entirely, looking for something he felt missing. Four tours of service over-seas, too much death, too much violence, brought him back stateside. He was tired, drained, and still empty with nothing left to give. He hopped on his Ducati and headed northwest from his base in Georgia, the only place he’d ever called home. Fate ran him out of gas in the tiny town of Renlend, Kansas with nothing but his Army-issued duffle holding a few meager belongings.
For two years Dianna’s father has made sure something around their family-owned Bed and Breakfast needed attention. Tyson’s attention. His handy-man skills put them in each other’s space on a regular basis, her dad pointing out the vet’s attributes regularly. She isn’t oblivious, she’d memorized each one. Tyson’s body was made for the movies, and so he kind of flirted with and smiled at her. Always managed to speak to her when he is there working. 
But in what lifetime would a ripped, tanned, tattooed Army veteran want with the shyest girl in town? Especially someone as plain Jane as her.

From Tyson Ellison
“God, Dianna, I’ve needed you for so long, love. I didn’t mean to come in here and well…I truly was just going to ease you away from the window before Drew said something to embarrass me. But, hell, I don’t know. Seeing you in this strappy sundress and cowboy boots—” He ran his fingers through her hair, down to the strap of the dress, leaving his forefinger beneath the skinny piece of material resting on her skin. “I. Geez, the good gentleman part of me knows I need to apologize, but the rest of me won’t let the words form. I need you to know how I feel, and honestly, I really want to know if you feel the same way. Drew says I’m stalking you. I didn’t tell the jerk he was right, but you’re all I think about.”

Dianna felt his warm breath against her ear, and then as he started to speak, her heart jumped to her throat.
“You’re mine now,” Tyson whispered.

“First off, Dianna Lane, I will go to drastic measures to change your attitude.” Her eyes widened, not exactly sure how to take his threat. The second one in less than five minutes. His face twisted, not hiding the smoldering heat building in his eyes. “Now, secondly, I am pretty damn sure you’re wrong. As a matter of fact, picturing you—” He let out a long wolfish breath of air through his teeth, close to a whistle. “Oh, yeah. Even better than lingerie—you very much naked with the only things on you being my eyes, my hands, my mouth—need I go on?”

“You’re a naughty man, Mr. Ellison.”  (Dianna Lane)
“Oh, love, I told you I wasn’t innocent. And I plan to make sure you know how not innocent, how not perfect, how not nice I am—over and over and over. I want to hear you. I want my name falling from your lips. But not tonight. I promised.”

Tyson’s War
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