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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Enough Trilogy (Briana Pacheco)


ENOUGH description:
Emily Vasquez can say that her life was, and still is, far from perfect. She never wanted the attention, the pity or the heartbreak so she kept the secrets inside where no one will ever find them. Where she can lock them away and forget.

Emily's life turns upside down just when it just started to become bearable and the only upside is the one guy to catch her interest since the summer--Alex Payne. Fate brought them together and Emily is not passing it up. Even after something truly heartbreaking happens and she is left broken and alone, feeling worthless and scared.
Love, family, friendship, secrets and loyalty are all put to the test in the first book of the Enough Trilogy. With a best friend who is hiding something major and people not seeming who they are, Emily must decide what to do next. Just how far is a girl willing to go when people she loves starts to get hurt? And how much can she take before breaking completely and not feeling like she's enough?
WARNING: Due to heavy subject matter and mature content, this book is recommended for ages 17+

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ALIVE description:
Prom. Graduation. Fashion show.

Those are the three things Emily Vasquez has been waiting for since her life picked back up and became livable. She has the guy, the friends and a future to look forward to. Sort of.
David Vasquez. He was never part of her plans. He was the father that hurt her and ran. Now he’s back with bad intentions and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Emily.
What happens when the future Emily saw coming becomes blurry and out of reach? Where everything she planned for gets taken away?
Secrets are unveiled, emotions will run high and blood will be spilled in the second installment of the Enough Trilogy. Will Emily and Alex survive this or will it become too much? And most importantly, will everyone come out of this alive?
WARNING: Due to heavy subject matter and mature content, this book is recommended for ages 17+

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STRONGER description:
Emily didn't believe in a happily ever after until Alex walked into her life and they fell in love. They have everything they could ask for now; love, happiness, plans for their upcoming wedding...until one night changes everything.

Angels and death were never part of the plan yet they seem to follow Emily everywhere. After losing two important people in her life, her world is left spinning out of control again, nothing is as it seems and everyone is expecting something more from her.
How can someone live a life she wasn't supposed to be living in the first place and how much more hurt can one person take? How can someone become stronger when they’re always left broken? In the third and final book in the Enough trilogy, questions will be answered, hearts will be broken and Emily’s strength will be tested when she’s left fighting for everything she wants and believes in.
WARNING: Due to heavy subject matter and mature content, this book is recommended for ages 17+
***Stronger currently doesn't have a cover***

Author bio:
Briana Pacheco hates referring to herself in third person so let's start off with I'm the author of the Enough Trilogy and more books to come in the future. I'm from Boston and a wannabe explorer so one day I'll travel the world. So far, that's only happening when I write but I'm not giving up just yet. I love coffee, music and books and I have an obsession with tattoos and accents. Sadly, I have neither so I make my characters have them instead. I love hearing from my readers so please don't be shy and stalk me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Tumblr.

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