Tuesday, August 5, 2014

COVER REVEAL: Awakening (Olivia Hayes)



After tragically losing the love of her life Caroline closed
herself off to any more heartache. Haunted by the memory of her one true love
she wonders if she will be alone forever. When her grandmother passes away
Caroline reluctantly travels to a nearby town to help her family settle the
estate and encounters a charming and irresistibly sexy man from her past.

Following his brother's untimely death, Luke has made it a
point to live in the here and now. But he's never been able to forget the
beautiful blonde he met eleven years ago. When she reappears unexpectedly, he
makes it his mission to win her over. Convincing her she belongs with him won't
be an easy task, especially when she tries to deny their connection.

What neither of them realize is that their lives are even
more intertwined than they could ever know. Will the desire for love be enough
to heal Caroline's and Luke's broken hearts, or will the guilt and grief of the
past stand in the way of their budding future together?


"Savannah, I am so sorry about my mother. I don't
know what came over her, but she was wrong about us, about you. I don't care
what she thinks anyway. Nothing else matters except that you belong with me.
You feel it too don't you?" 
I wanted to deny him. I wanted to slap him. I wanted
to kiss him again.

Suddenly he ran his hand down my arm to my wrist
pulling me across the lobby behind him. When we reached the business center, he
threw open the door to one of the private network communications booths and pushed me inside, checking to make sure no one had seen us go in before he
followed me and shut the door behind him.
The room was maybe four feet across and five feet deep
with a built in desk taking up most of the space. Luke loomed over me, filling
what was left with his broad shoulders. I felt cornered, and downed my entire
glass of wine to try and ease my nerves. I set my glass down on the desk,
backing into it to put a little distance between us. If that was even possible
in here.

He stepped toward me, placing his hands on my hips
again, but this time dragging my dress up. "What are you doing?" I
gasped, trying to yank it back down.
"I'm going to lift up this sexy as hell dress,
pull your panties aside, and have my way with you in this booth."
Holy shit! I was
hot. All he had to do was touch me and I was going to burst into flame. I
closed my eyes trying to steady my racing pulse.

My dress was now around my waist. Luke pressed one
hand firmly against my shoulder, seating me on the desk. He trailed his hand up
my outer leg to my thigh and the rolled it to the inside. I heard him inhale.
"Caroline Foster!" My eyes snapped open and
found his. "You are a woman after my own heart. No panties?"
I smiled devilishly. "Not with a dress like

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