Wednesday, September 17, 2014

COVER REVEAL: What A Girl Wants (Blair Babylon) Rock Stars in Disguise: Rhiannon

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Rhiannon drew herself up to her full five feet plus two whole inches, 

lifted her pudgy chin and nose in the air, and walked into the conference room.

Inside, a black-suited security team stood behind five men sitting at a 

conference table. The seated guys looked like a staff meeting on Olympus: like the platinum-blond Sun 

God Apollo shone brilliant in his beauty beside radiant Eros, God of Love, who slept beside the seductive 

devil, black-haired Thanatos, who was the deification of Death, and two more blazingly beautiful demi-

Rhiannon stopped hard, nearly catching her high heels on the 


Oh my God.

Those guys had been on the cover of last month’s Rolling Stone—</ i>all shirtless in the cover photo because they were beyond ripped, they were frickin’ shredded— 

because they had released two indie, MP3-only albums that had gone platinum.

The article’s headline was War Breaks Out over Killer Valentine </ i>because three major-label recording companies had launched a vicious bidding war for their next 


Holy cow.

Well, she wouldn’t have to worry about anyone looking at her on 

the stage.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 23rd.

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