Tuesday, September 2, 2014

LEANN'S REVIEW: Dying by the Hour (Kory M. Shrum) Jesse Sullivan #2

Title: Dying by the Hour

Author: Kory M. Shrum

IBSN: 0991215826


After 83 deaths, Jesse Sullivan knows how to die. As a Necronite, she is one of the population’s rare 2% who can serve as a death replacement agent, dying so others don’t have to. But using her NRD to save lives is why she’s being hunted. 

For Ally Gallagher, death is permanent. If she fails to protect Jesse again, there will be no third attempt. After a quiet year the signs of serious danger have returned. People connected to Jesse are disappearing. Her home is vandalized and threatening messages are turning up in the safest of places. 

Then Jesse is taken and Ally has only hours to get her back. But no salvation comes without its price.


Oh book two of the Jesse Sullivan series! I couldn't wait for you to get here. I am always a little nervous when I read sequels in a series, especially if I love the first book. Shrum did not disappoint. I loved this book just as much as the first. 

My favorite characters are back and life has some what moved on from the tragedy and horror of book one. But it's not rainbows and butterflies. Like the first book, this book is a plot thick with mystery, action and suspense. It's hard to know who to trust and who the bad guys really are. 

I really like the change in POVs in this read. They were a smooth transition between them. I had a great time reading this book. Some questions were answered from book one and Shrum did an excellent job of leaving just enough questions for the next book. I will be eagerly waiting for its arrival. 



About the Author:

Kory M. Shrum lives in Michigan with her partner and a ferocious guard pug. She has dabbled in everything from fortune telling to martial arts and when not reading or writing, she can be found teaching, traveling, and wearing a gi. She is author of the urban fantasy novels Dying for a Living and Dying by the Hour. She'd love to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter, or her blog:www.korymshrum.com