Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LISA'S REVIEW: Black Hole Bounty (Sienna Bronwyn)

Sci-Fi Romance
Date Published: August 19, 2014

Destiny is written in the stars? Maybe, but when you’re in a black hole you make your own damn destiny.

It’s not every day you get abducted by an alien general, but then, Jerusa Whichab isn’t having an average day. Earth is fading from view and she’s got a decision to make—cooperate with her despotic, yet unnervingly attractive captor or receive an injection of goo. General Toyeb can’t be trusted, and his body-healing, mind-blowing Theta waves leave her panting for more. But what choice does she have if she’s to stay alive?   

None, if enemy bounty hunter Berwyck dal Korth has his way. Intent on capturing Jerusa, he performs a binding ritual to ensure she cannot escape him—a ritual with unforeseen side effects for both of them. Forced into hostile proximity, Berwyck and Jerusa battle to subdue their rising attraction, but will they conquer their desire—or succumb?

So different from your normal romance!!! I love this story idea. I was drawn in just by the synopsis. I was sad to see that Jerusa was no very strong. If I was taken from my kids, I would fight harder. It made her harder to relate to that the other characters. Which is a bit weird considering that the other characters are aliens. Pour Jerusa is captured not once but twice in this book. The second time a little better with the sexy alien Berwyck. I really liked his character. For an alien I was so into him. A great job writing a world like this with all it's troubles and still making it sound appealing. I think that this is a good start to what could be a great series!!!. Looking forward to much more in this series and wondering just what comes next.


Sienna Bronwyn

I grew up in tropical Panama, where the confluence of sea, sand, and too much coconut water converged to inspire me with wander lust. I’ve lived on three different continents and done a few things I hope my children never find out about—or my mother for that matter! I am now settled in the congealed climes of northern Britain, where cold nights, dark skies and a perfect view of the stars have inspired my imagination to wander farther than ever before. Space fascinates me, and I love thinking up different planets and creating characters who don’t meet the traditional view of heroes or heroines, people who have to overcome their prejudices or battle the odds to find their happy every after—with a few sexy surprises thrown in!    

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