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LISA'S REVIEW: Mercy (Deneane Clark)


The youngest of six sisters, Mercy Ackerly has known since
thirteen what everyone else is about to learn: She’ll marry the elusive Duke of


It was love at first sight for thirteen-year-old Mercy Ackerly. The second she
encountered the traveling Duke of Blackthorne, she fell in love…with his
horses. And since Sebastian Tremaine was also perfect, they would someday be
man and wife.

From the start, Sebastian has felt oddly protective of Mercy. Delightfully
straightforward, the girl is everything honest and sweet, which is why he
approved when his best friend married into the family—and then so did his other
friends. But now Mercy’s all grown up. Now she’s facing the ton’s matchmaking
mamas and their deceitful daughters, is joining a world he despises, be it the
ballrooms and routs or the opulent crush. He would shield her if he could,
would do anything but entangle his heart.

Sebastian will fight the inevitable for as long as he can. And then he’ll fight
for it. Some matches are schemed for, some are arranged, and some have just
been coming for a long, long time.


I have never read Deneane Clarks work. I am so happy that I got to read this. I love a good historical and this one is amazing. I know this is part of a series but it is an amazing stand alone. And now I want to read all the others of the series. I fell for Mercy! She is such a great character. I don't think you can read this book and not have some kind of connection to Mercy. I love the concept and that she met Sebastian at such a young age and fell for him. I love the romance between the two. A great historical that I find all should read. I laughed, I loved, and I couldn't put this book down. 






It was now or never. He wouldn’t come to another ball, of that she was sure. And he definitely wasn’t going to pay a call on her at her sister’s townhouse. If he’d ever intended that, he’d have done so by now.
Before she could talk herself out of it, she gathered her courage, turned back around and blurted, “I love you.”
Sebastian’s eyes widened. Mercy took a step toward him and continued speaking before her temporary bravado could desert her. “I know you probably didn’t know that, which is why you haven’t come to see me since I’ve been in London, but I’m grown up now so there’s no need for me to wait any longer to tell you.” She laced her fingers together and brought them to her chest as if they could somehow calm the furious beating of her heart. “I’ve loved you since I opened my eyes in your coach when I was thirteen years old, and that love has never gone away. I know I’m young, but you really aren’t all that much older than me and…”
Mercy realized she was rambling and made herself stop talking. She bit her lip and chanced another glimpse of him up through her lashes. His golden eyes were soft, his expression serious. He gazed down at her, but she couldn’t tell at all what he was thinking.



Deneane Elise Clark is an historical romance novelist. Her
published work includes the first three books in THE VIRTUE SERIES, a lighthearted
romp through the ballrooms and bedrooms of Regency London. The books tell the
love stories of the motherless Ackerly sisters, beginning with GRACE,
continuing with the stories of FAITH and CHARITY, and will conclude with MERCY.
Deneane's books have been published in the United States, Canada, the UK and
Australia, and have been translated into several languages, including Dutch,
Norwegian and Turkish.

Deneane grew up in New Orleans and misses it dreadfully.
Currently, she resides near Charlotte,NC, but has also lived in the Northeast,
the Midwest, and on the West Coast. She prefers mountains to beaches, cities to
suburbs, and suburbs to rural areas, and would be perfectly content if she
could just manage to convince the world to flip flop the working day so people
slept during the day and worked at night.

A single mom, Deneane raised her now grown up children while
working full time and writing at night. Her daughter enjoys traveling, so moves
in and out as the mood strikes, and her son recently enlisted in the United
States Marine Corps. She enjoys sparkling beverages, music, plays trivia with
an amazing bunch of friends, and travels to London any time she gets the

Deneane loves interaction with her readers. You can friend
and/or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. If you're not a
fan of social media, she also writes a blog. And, although it sometimes takes a
while, she makes every attempt to respond to all emails, messages and comments.



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