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LISA'S REVIEW: Total Immersion (Alice Gaines)


Welcome to

Club Ecstasy: the luxurious, confidential destination for desire. Alice Gaines

continues her new erotica series with book two: doubling the pleasure, doubling

the fun!


three’s a crowd? Alice Gaines’ sexy new Club Ecstasy series proves that three

only makes the fun hotter…

Susan McGraw

knows she’s demanding. And after a rough breakup, she thinks she’s earned it.

Luckily Club Ecstasy can satisfy her every desire. Only, tonight one man won’t

be enough-she requires the devotion of two hot men. But when one of her lovers

turns out to be the boyfriend she loved and lost, Susan realizes she might be

in over her head…

When Adam,

manager of Club Ecstasy and Susan’s former boyfriend, realizes he’s going to

have to share her, he thinks he’ll lose his mind with jealousy. But instead of

feeling envious, watching her with another man turns him on like mad. Together

the three of them experience the ultimate sensual and sexual exercise-but after

all is said and done, will a new trick heal old wounds?

WOW! After reading book 1 I never expected such a beautiful healing story to be mixed in this erotic world that Gaines has created. I was blow away. Adam and Susan are great. I loved how Adam just rolled with it and used the experience to help start his healing process. I was worried how Susan's reaction would be after she woke from her haze but, she surprised me with her interactions with Jeff. On that note, Jeff, SWOON!!! I really loved Jeff's character. I hope he gets his own book. I think I may have even loved him more than Susan and Adam. And that is saying a lot because I adored them. I love this and am so excited for the next tale in this erotic world. I hope that Jeff gets his own book, I hope to hear more about the lives of the other 4 characters we have met and I am excited to meet more! Gaines has created a world in these books that I am going to have a hard time walking away from!!!







Alice Gaines likes her fiction hot, hot, hot.

Alice has a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. She shares a

house in Oakland California with her pet corn snake and a stray cat that lives

in her yard.

When Alice isn’t making up stories in her head, she spends her time cooking,

gardening, and listening to her favorite band, Tower of Power. 



Twitter: @AliceGaines



have a bit of a disaster on our hands,” Madeline said. “And I’m afraid it
involves you.”

Fairchild didn’t bother to take a seat in the chair across the desk from his
boss; he wouldn’t have time to sit and chat. After working with Madeline Shaw
for the past five years, he knew when she meant business. Although well into
her fifties, Madeline retained the beauty that had made her a top model, but
beneath the precise makeup and designer clothing, she had the commanding presence
of a seasoned cop. He was here to find out what needed doing and get it done.

young woman came looking for you and is making a scene,” Madeline went on. “A
very loud scene. You need to get her to quiet down before she upsets the rest
of our patrons.”

would a young woman come looking for me?” If the person in question were a
current or former client, Madeline could handle her without his help. Since
he’d become manager of the male sex providers a few months ago, he hadn’t
served any of the club’s women customers sexually. An empty gesture, it turned
out—too late to save the only relationship that had promised to grow into
something else. Now, his personal love life was nonexistent, so no one from the
outside should have followed him here.

went on at Club Ecstasy, San Francisco’s most exclusive club for women, was by
no definition of the word legal. Still, its prices and the quality of all its
services—from the spa to the various dining rooms to the male sex
providers—drew the elite of the city and of Northern California. Those sorts of
customers expected good taste and privacy, and he and Madeline were here to
provide that.

don’t we go see what she wants before she makes enough noise to drive all our
clients away?” Madeline rose and left the office, her heels clacking against
the hardwood floor, and Adam followed.

noise in question came to him before they reached the end of the hallway.
Madeline had put the woman in a room as far as possible from the rest of the
facility, but her voice penetrated into the corridor. With yelling, they would
have generally expected anger, but a lot of what filtered out to here was
laughter. Very, very loud laughter.

sounded familiar. Way too familiar. But before he could consider how he knew
that voice so well, Madeline opened the door, and reality punched him in the
gut. Of all people, why her?

he said.

McGraw stood in the middle of the room. Images flashed through his mind so
quickly he could barely process them. Her smile when she first opened her eyes
in the morning. How she’d dance, shaking her butt, while she cooked. And then
tears, lots of them at the end. A chaos of feelings lodged in his chest.

she spotted him, her face lit up, although her eyes didn’t really focus. “There
he is. The sexiest stud in the world, and he used to fuck me regularly.”

are you doing here?” At least his voice sounded calm.

you do know her,” Madeline said as she shut the door quietly behind them.


could call living with someone for a year knowing them. Sharing a bed, sharing
meals, sharing a toothbrush rack. With her long, dark hair and pale skin, she
looked just as fabulous as she had on their first date at the winery in Jack
London Square. They’d discovered a mutual love of zinfandel, and he’d fallen
for the way she could pair basic innocence with a wicked sense of humor. Now
she stood here flushed with maniacal happiness and obviously intoxicated.

came here to apologize to you for the way we said good-bye,” Susan said. “After
our time together, you deserved better than me yelling at you.”

hardly covered their last argument, but she was in no shape to discuss it now.

don’t we talk about this later?”

figured we could see if we could patch things up,” she went on as if he hadn’t
spoken. “But this turned out to be such a fabulous evening, I decided to get
laid instead.”

was not his Susan. Although uninhibited in bed, she didn’t usually talk about
her sex life publicly. He held out his hands toward her. “Calm down, honey.
You’re not acting rational.”

he cute? He still calls me ‘honey’ after we broke up six months ago.” She went
to him, threw one arm around his shoulders, and with the other hand tapped the
end of his nose. “I didn’t originally come for sex, but now that I’m here, what
the hell? How about it, for old time’s sake, huggy bear?”

bear?” Madeline’s voice went down a couple of octaves in pitch, the way it
usually did whenever she didn’t believe something could possibly be true.

nickname,” he said. “Look, Susan—”

am looking,” she said. “And you’re more handsome than ever. You been working

always work out.” He’d seen her tipsy from wine in the past, but this was
different. Something else had gotten into her system. She’d never believed in
experimenting with substances she didn’t recognize, which meant someone must
have slipped her something, either just before she’d arrived here or, worse,

doing something right. You look fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.” Susan punctuated
each fabulous with a poke of her
finger against his chest.

do something,” Madeline said softly.

you must be Madeline,” Susan said.


with one arm around Adam’s shoulders, Susan swung in Madeline’s general
direction. “I used to hate you because of what Adam does for a living.”

stared over Susan’s head at Adam. He shrugged. “She doesn’t know what she’s

but I do,” Susan said. “I hated you, but hate’s such a nasty emotion, isn’t it?
Say, you’re really beautiful. I think I love you.”

cleared her throat. Not because she disapproved of lesbian relationships. This
was San Francisco, after all. But clearly Susan was off her rocker.

slid his arm around Susan’s waist. “Why don’t I take you home?”

the apartment we used to share? I don’t think so.” She smiled up at him. “If
this is a sex club, then I want some. In fact, I want lots of it.”

to me, Susan. I think you’ve been drugged. Probably ecstasy,” Adam said. “Did
you have anything to drink or eat here a little while ago?”

course. One of your coworkers—super-sweet guy I met in the lobby while I was
waiting for you—offered me a glass of zin. I never turn down good zin.”


you,” Adam cleared his throat, “hiring him?”

seemed to confuse her for a second. When her expression cleared, she said with
a laugh, “Oh, you mean that.


just came to talk to you. I didn’t want to do it on the phone,” she said. “But
now that I think of it . . .”

shit. “Did you happen to get the super-sweet guy’s name?”


No, Phil,” she said. “Definitely Phil.”

Stewart?” Madeline asked.

didn’t get his last name,” Susan said.

only have one Phil. Damn it. I knew there was something off about him,”
Madeline opened the door to the corridor and spoke to someone outside. “Find
Phil and send him here. Immediately.”

new hire. She remembered that Phil had come with excellent references, and
everything about him had checked out. He might have seemed a little too
sincere, but everyone got nervous during job interviews. He’d performed
adequately until now.

closing the door again, Madeline approached Susan. “I owe you an apology, Ms.—”

Adam supplied.

McGraw,” Madeline said. “This is, as you crudely put it, a sex club, but we
never take advantage of our clients. I’d be happy to treat you to the use of
our facilities at some later date.”

the fuck? Susan a client at Club Ecstasy? She made a good living at her tech
job but not the sort of income that would allow a membership here. Besides,
he’d given her what she needed at home, and she hadn’t had to go anywhere else
for sex. Of course, he didn’t do that any longer since they’d broken up months

wrong with right now?” Susan said.

have a policy against providing services for intoxicated clients,” Madeline
said. “We don’t want anyone to regret her experience the next day. I’m sure you

I don’t,” Susan said. “I’m horny as all hell, and if one of your employees
caused that, you ought to do something to fix it.”

then, the door opened and Phil stepped into the room. “Hi, sweetheart. Having a
good time?”

wiggled her fingers at him. “Hi, Cupcake.”
Cupcake. Ye gods. If Adam weren’t holding Susan up, he’d put his fist through Cupcake’s nose.

this the man who gave you the drink?” Madeline asked.

a little enjoyment enhancer,” Phil said. “Did it work?”

out,” Madeline said. “Collect your things and leave. We’ll send your last

You’re firing me?” Phil shrugged in a gesture of wounded innocence. “What’s the
big deal? Chicks love the drug.”

Madeline thundered.

hugged Susan to him. Her body fitted against his perfectly, as it always had.
“God, honey, I’m sorry.”

not. I feel great.” She stepped away from him and threw her arms out from her
sides. “I should have checked out where you worked ages ago.”

this isn’t you,” he said.

do you know? You haven’t seen me in six months.” She thumped her palm against
her chest. “And I haven’t had your special brand of sex in six months. Maybe
this is what I need.”

this way.” He approached her and gazed into her eyes. “Please, Susan. Let me
take you home. We can work this out there.”

we’ll make love. Then you’ll come back here, and nothing will have changed,”
she said. “Nope. I finally wandered into the den of iniquity, and I want some.”

irony there. She’d finally come around to accepting his work, and he no longer
performed the sexual services that had bothered her so much when they’d lived
together. He probably would have welcomed a chance to explain all that to her
if she were rational. He could straighten it out with her later. Right now, he
had to quiet her down enough to get her out of here without disturbing the clients.

going to happen,” she said. “I’m going to stay right here until someone
scratches my itches. All of them.”

and Madeline exchanged glances, and she shrugged. “You know this young lady,
Adam. Do you have any suggestions?”

a wonderful person, but she has a stubborn streak,” he said.

your ass I do,” Susan said, grinning like someone who was about to have all her
demands met. Which she probably was, based on the resigned expression on
Madeline’s face.

two of you have already been lovers,” Madeline said. “She won’t wake up in bed
with a stranger. I don’t suppose there’s any harm if the two of you use one of
the rooms.”

I’ll take care of this.” As awkward as this situation was, it did mean he’d get
to make love to Susan. He was only human, after all, and he’d missed her so

her state, she’d probably climax hard and often. During the time they’d lived
together, he’d heard the sweet noises she made as she approached orgasm. He’d
felt the tension in her pussy suddenly break into spasms. He’d tasted her and
made her clitoris harden into a bud. He could have all that again right now and
most likely through the night. His cock immediately swelled and began to throb
at the prospect.

know, as lovely as that would be, I think you owe me more,” Susan said. “After
all, I can have that if Adam takes me home.”

have the use of all the club’s facilities,” he said. “If you behave yourself.”

can behave myself if . . .” Susan said.

what?” Adam asked.

. . .” She bit her lip for a moment, and the wheels turned almost visibly in
her head. “If I have two men to satisfy me while I’m here.”

want another man?” Adam said.


had other women,” she said, as if that proved something.

was my job,” he said.

two men is my requirement.” Susan smiled very sweetly at Madeline. “And I
promise none of your other clients will hear a peep out of me.”

sorry, that’s not at all the same thing,” Madeline said. “I can’t condone you
having sex with a stranger in an impaired state.”

Susan hooted. “My state is horny, as I’ll let everyone in this place know at
the top of my lungs.”

held out her hands to quiet Susan. “Please, miss.”

fact, I’ll let them all know one of your employees drugged me,” Susan said.
“Before your security can haul me out of here, half your clients will have

well,” Madeline said. “We’ll do what you ask.”

Adam said. “You’re not serious about this, I hope.”

to watch Susan have sex with another man? Having to participate? Pure hell. But
then, maybe he deserved it for messing up their relationship in the first
place. Thinking she could hang on with the status quo, he’d waited too long to
switch from provider to manager. And he’d lost the only woman he’d ever
contemplated a future with. This could be his punishment for making her
miserable so many times, even though he’d never wanted to. Or maybe the
universe was having a good laugh at his expense.

A ménage à trois,” Madeline said. “And you do have our deepest apologies for
Phil’s behavior.”

nodded very regally. “Accepted.”

Adam groped for anything that would make this nightmare go away—something that
would change Madeline’s mind. He didn’t come up with anything. “This won’t
work. No, I’m sorry.”

of Madeline’s elegant brows lifted. “No?”

before Madeline had opened Club Ecstasy, she’d run her own lingerie and
fragrance companies. She wasn’t used to her employees contradicting her. Adam
had never done it before, but then, she’d never asked him to do so damned
uncomfortable.  Hell, uncomfortable
didn’t even cover it.

don’t even do the work anymore,” he

through the haze of her intoxication, Susan perked up at that news. “You

couldn’t explain that to her now, so he didn’t respond.

can still perform, I imagine,”
Madeline said. “You haven’t lost your touch, have you?”

course not.” He shouldn’t have to explain his reluctance. He could do a
threesome with any client she wanted him to, but this was Susan. He’d never
shared her. He’d managed to keep the thought of her with another man out of his
mind, more or less, for six months. He didn’t need to experience the reality up
close and personal.

then, do this,” Madeline said.

would never order him to do anything he didn’t want. She didn’t have to. Her
tone said everything for her. She wouldn’t fire him if he disobeyed, but he’d
lose stature in her eyes, and she meant a lot to both employees and clients
here. Including him.

what choice did he have? Madeline had given in. Susan clearly wasn’t going to
go home quietly, and neither he nor Madeline could afford her making a scene in
front of the other clients. One way or another, Susan was going to get what she
wanted from Club Ecstasy. Which meant she’d have her threesome. He for sure
wasn’t going to let that happen with two other men. One of her lovers would
have to be him.

right,” he said finally. Let the punishment begin.

Susan fairly jumped up and down with excitement.

you’ll permit me, I’ll select the other man.” Madeline tapped a manicured
finger against her lips for a moment. “I’d suggest Jeff.”

great. She’d chosen a guy who was hung like a horse. Not that Adam couldn’t win
that competition, but he could take the threesome a whole lot more easily if
the other man were less adequate than himself in some way. Still, he’d been
developing a new technique and using Jeff to help. This could turn into an
opportunity to try it out and make Susan really

his tremendous staying power and fun attitude toward sex, Jeff showed real
promise to become a favorite among the clients. He was a good choice for the

that’s settled,” Madeline said. “I’ll put you in one of our best suites if you
promise not to make a scene.”

made a zipper movement across her lips. “No one will know I’m here. Except for
my guys.”

Her guys.
Plural. Including him. He deserved as much. He’d have her now, but so would
Jeff. Fucking fabulous.

what she felt were two of the most beautiful men on earth, Susan fairly floated
down the hallway. She ought to feel furious with that guy, Phil, for drugging
her, and when she came down from her high, maybe she would. For now, she could
only enjoy the results of his trickery. In her normal state of mind, she’d
never have asked for two lovers at once. Now, she’d not only have Adam, the man
who knew a dozen or more ways to make her climax, but she could learn her way
around a new stud’s body, find out what drove him to a fever pitch, and then
let him use all that sexual energy to give her orgasm after orgasm.

the next several hours, she’d not only enjoy the best sex of her life, but she
could make Adam watch. He’d finally pay for all the nights she’d sat at home
watching old movies on television while he did his thing with other women here.
Professional, he’d called it, not personal, and he’d expected her to shrug it
off. Well, this was professional, too. A mindless fuck with a man in the same
line of work as his.

he wasn’t any longer. He’d quit that part of his job. Probably something to
contemplate there, but she’d have to figure that out later, because her mind
wasn’t working nearly as well as her sex. If you could call a man’s cock his
little brain and insist it could make him do things his big brain wouldn’t
consider, then her pussy was acting the same way for her. The effects of the
drug had made her achy and throbbing, but that fact didn’t make the sensations
any less real. Or demanding.

had two men—both tall, both with firm bodies that pressed against hers as they
went. Both schooled in how to give her everything she needed, and she needed a
lot. As soon as they got her down this endless corridor, they could get to


finally arrived at the door to the suite, and Jeff inserted the key card and
opened the door for her. What greeted her on the other side took her breath
away. A large living room with a flat-screen television and stereo equipment
also held modern couches and armchairs with lines that seemed to suggest
flight. She kicked off her shoes and allowed her feet to sink into plush carpet
as she made her way across the room, letting her fingers skim across the glass
top of a dining table as she went.

hope you like it,” Jeff said.

it? It’s amazing,” she replied.

remained silent where he stood just inside the room. Madeline couldn’t have
chosen two men so perfectly matched to please the female eye. Jeff stood nearly
as tall as Adam and had the same perfect body, finely muscled beneath the
elegant tailoring of his suit. But where Adam had swarthy skin, dark eyes, and
raven black hair, Jeff was blond and had blue eyes and a dimple in his cheek
that suggested mischief.

must have guessed from the fact that Susan had already chosen Adam as her lover
that her fantasies went toward clean-shaven men in elegant clothes. Men who
might have been princes in another era, each with a satin sash across his
chest. And she’d get to undress them and check out their equipment underneath.

a look at the rest of the suite and see if it’s to your liking,” Jeff said.
Ever the pleasant fellow.

will.” She headed into the bedroom. “Are you coming, Adam?”

here,” his voice came from behind her.

bedroom was as expansive as the living room, if not more. It gleamed with brass
and polished wood. An enormous bed with posts that climbed nearly to the high
ceiling dominated the space. A glass-topped table and occasional chairs stood
off to one side. The same thick carpet she’d noticed in the living room hushed
her steps as she explored.

much luxury. She threw her arms out and turned until she was dizzy. When she
threatened to topple, Adam caught her as he always had when something had
threatened to pull her down, emotionally or physically. His dark gaze met hers.

you happy?”

she said. “What about you?”

expression said nothing. “I’d use a somewhat different word.”

the bathroom, madame.” Jeff stood by an open door and gestured across the

marble nearly blinded Susan when she stepped inside, and light bounced off
brass faucets and fixtures. A glass-enclosed shower occupied the far wall, and
a sunken tub took up much of the rest of the room. Plenty of opportunities for
fun there.

she returned to the bedroom, she found that Jeff had undone his tie and was
removing the jacket of his suit. He draped that over one of the chairs and
proceeded to take out his cufflinks. With those set aside, he rolled up his
cuffs, revealing strong forearms covered with sun-bleached hairs.

started in on the buttons of her blouse, but he moved to stop her hands. “Let
me do that.”

Jeff undressed her, Adam took a seat on one of the chairs at the table and
watched. Perhaps they’d worked together before, because Jeff seemed to know how
to conduct a threesome without being told. Jeff had an expert touch, his big
fingers working buttons while the warmth of his body enveloped her. He bent to
nibble at the sensitive skin behind her ear, his breath hot, leaving no doubt
about what type of encounter would follow.

face gave nothing away, but he seemed intent on observing every move she and
his coworker made. She stood where she was and allowed Jeff to remove her
clothing. His fingers gliding over her skin, he rid her of her blouse and
reached behind to unfasten her bra. When her breasts fell loose, Adam stared at
them as if seeing them for the first time. If she hadn’t been so utterly and
completely turned on, she might have covered them out of shyness, but timidity
didn’t fit with these men and her plans to have both of them.

he had her naked from the waist up, Jeff dropped to his knees in front of her.
He popped the snap of her jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down. Skimming his
hands over her hips, he slid both her pants and panties down her legs in one
motion. She stepped out of them with his help. Now totally nude, she stood and
allowed both of the men to see her. Jeff smiled, deepening the dimple in his
cheek, but Adam might have been a statue, sitting completely still, his hands on
his knees.

never stared at her that way before, not in the entire time they’d lived
together. He’d seen her naked every day, often after having undressed her
himself. He’d touched her everywhere, whispering how much he wanted her.
Sometimes, he’d simply taken her when neither of them could wait and needed
each other immediately. He’d never sat, watching, without reaching for her.

stomach did a little flip, and her heart raced. His detachment created a thrill
not unlike fear and most definitely not unlike sexual need.

Jeff eased her legs apart, and his intent became clear. Oral sex, when she was
already so turned on she could hardly stand. The most intimate act possible
with another man watching. How incredibly erotic. When he put his mouth over
her pussy, the world retreated, leaving her with nothing but a hunger for the
ultimate contact: the feel of his tongue against her throbbing clit.

didn’t make her wait long. In a few seconds, his tongue parted the lips of her
sex and landed on the supersensitive organ. She whimpered, and her knees
threatened to give out, but he held her upright, his arms around her hips. For
a man who’d only met her minutes ago, he learned quickly the exact pressure to
use to send her from aroused to ready to burst out of her skin. As she started
the climb to orgasm, she gripped his head for balance. No matter what, she must
not lose the delicious friction that had her blood whooshing in her ears.

God, so good. So fucking good. Her breathing grew harsh, and the sound of a
woman’s voice came to her. Her own, of course, but not as she’d ever heard it.
So full of raw need and so unconcerned with anything but her own pleasure.
Shameless. Demanding. And he kept giving, his tongue fluttering over the tip of
her clit and then pressing harder.

could have this and more. Much, much more, for hours. As long as she could
stand it. So, when the orgasm neared, she welcomed it, not fighting its power.
It began at the point of contact with his tongue and built, like a huge wave
climbing, climbing, and then cresting. As it washed over her, she used the last
bit of air in her lungs to shout. The spasms started, deep and strong. On and
on as if they’d never stop.

they did end, and she collapsed. Strong arms caught her and raised her against
a solid chest. Not Adam. His scent was imprinted on her brain, and this man had
his own perfume. Jeff laid her on the comforter on the huge bed and stretched
out next to her.

pushed a lock of hair from her forehead. “Good one?”


Thank you.” He hadn’t satisfied her, though. More like taken the edge off.
Inside, the fire still burned. It would rage out of control again as soon as
one of them touched her in the right way. But they had hours together and
plenty of time for lots of touches.

can make you come like that,” Adam said. He hadn’t moved from the chair, hadn’t
even shifted his posture.

know you can,” she said.

fell silent, leaving the obvious question unspoken. Why do you need him,

Susan one of your clients?” Jeff sat up on the bed. “Because if this is your
turf . . .”

let out a laugh that had nothing to do with humor. If they’d had more time, he
could have explained the situation to Jeff.


were lovers,” she said, “out in the real world.”

man. No one told me any of that.” Jeff got off the bed. “I don’t want to get
between you and your girlfriend.”

Susan said. “Past tense.”

I don’t know about this,” Jeff said. “I work for you, Adam.”

leaned back in his chair and stared right into Jeff’s face. “You work for
Madeline, and Madeline has assigned you to take care of Ms. McGraw. I
think you’d better do it.”

you say so.” Jeff blew out a breath. “But how is watching us going to make you

tell you.” Adam rose slowly.


a moment, the room went deathly still. Even in her drugged state and with her
sex aching to be filled, Susan held her breath and waited.

turning me on,” Adam said finally. “My cock is going to bust my fly in a
minute. If the lady wants you to fuck her, I suggest you do what she asks.”

you want that?” Jeff asked Susan.

had to ask? Her body was still on fire, nerve endings screaming for more. Even
after that fabulous oral sex, she needed a stiff cock moving inside her until
she shattered again. She slipped her fingers between her thighs and stroked her
damp pussy. “Oh, yes.”

Jeff unzipped his pants and quickly undressed.

took one look at him, and her mouth went dry. He was as finely sculpted as he
appeared from under his clothes. A perfectly hairless chest gave way to flat
abs, and then down at the base of his torso, a rigid shaft rose from a thatch
of golden hairs. His cock was thick and long, enough to frighten an innocent.
Susan was no innocent, and with the drug still roiling in her blood, her body
craved every inch of him.

it in a position where I can watch,” Adam said.

got it.” Jeff opened a drawer in the bedside table and found a square packet.
Quickly, he tore it open and unfurled the condom over his cock. Then he grabbed
her hips and tugged her toward the edge of the bed. As she wrapped her legs
around him, he positioned himself with the head between her pussy lips and
eased himself inside her.


yes. Yes. This was what she’d craved
since she’d sipped the wine and waited for Adam to appear. A man’s stiff penis
filling her. She sank into the mattress, melting out of pure pleasure as her
inner walls adjusted to his size.

the corner of her eye, she watched Adam as he rounded the bed for a better
view. He stood as if transfixed, his gaze on Jeff’s cock disappearing into her
sex. His hand went to the front of his pants, and he gripped his own erection
through the layers of fabric.

likes it slow at first,” he told Jeff. “As if you’re in no hurry and could fuck
her all day.”

but she’d never told him that. She’d hardly realized it herself until he
mentioned it this very minute. He’d figured out her preference on his own.

this?” Jeff asked, as he slowed his pace to a leisurely rhythm.

Adam answered.

oh, he was right. She didn’t have to hurry to orgasm. She could let it come in
its own time. For now, she’d indulge herself in memorizing the girth of him,
the passage of the thick head, and the feel of each inch as it penetrated.

she could have all this while Adam looked on. He’d see Jeff’s cock sliding in
and out of her, moist from her pussy. What a sense of power to take her
pleasure with a stranger and make her former lover squirm. Two men doing her

yourself,” Adam said.

am,” Jeff said. “But man, she feels good.”

course she does,” Adam said.

turned her head and gazed at him out of eyes that didn’t quite focus. The
drugs, maybe. Rising arousal, certainly, as another orgasm neared. Already, she
was having sex good enough for fantasy, and she hadn’t even had Adam yet. Once
Jeff had finished, Adam could take his place. And later, Jeff would have
rested. She could go on for hours. She let out a groan.

Adam said. “She’s ready for more now.”

Jeff moved faster, his thrusts more forceful. Each movement pushed her into the
mattress, and she kept her legs fast around him to hold herself in place. She’d
become so wet for him. So hot. Her hips rose to meet him, straining for more
connection, more friction. Just more.

as deep as you can,” Adam said. “Make her want to come. Make her crave it.”

reached behind him, grasped her legs, and guiding her feet upward, placed her
ankles on either side of his neck. The position squeezed her sex around his and
allowed him maximum penetration. He felt so damned big as he thrust into her.

is too good.” Jeff closed his eyes, and his face contorted with pleasure. “I’m
going to lose it.”

with her,” Adam said.

tight,” Jeff grunted. “Aw, shit.”

moved like a wild man now, gripping her hips as he slammed into her. She caught
his madness as the pressure built inside her. She was going to climax again,
this time with her whole being. She rode the currents upward into arousal that
was spiraling out of control. Too much. Too intense. And yet, she needed more.

more appeared. Something butted against her clitoris. She opened her eyes long
enough to discover a hand there, a finger on just the right spot. Adam’s hand
where he’d slipped it between her body and Jeff’s. He knew exactly what she
needed, and he was giving it to her.

that knowledge, she closed her eyes and surrendered to his touch. The orgasm
swelled inside her, squeezing her heart. All consciousness blinked out except
for the one place where Jeff’s cock moved inside her and Adam’s finger kept

arched her back as she came, releasing a shout toward the ceiling. This time,
her inner muscles gripped a stiff cock rhythmically. Jeff’s answering roar
joined her voice, and he plunged into her a few more times before going rigid
with his own climax. A perfect coupling with a perfect ending.

hand withdrew, and Jeff lowered her legs before leaning over her, his weight
held up on his elbows. Her pussy still fluttered around him in postorgasm
pulses. Proof that he’d satisfied her. For now.

Adam managed to drag himself away from the sight of Susan with a sated smile on her face and went to the lanai doors that led to the terrace. Still erect, still aching for her, he could almost blot out the reality that Jeff was lying beside her, looking just as happy as she did. Another man had given her the orgasms that had let her drift off into heaven.

No, not right. Yes, Jeff had made her come the first time, and Jeff had been inside her for the second climax, but Adam had directed their coitus. He’d instructed Jeff in the way she liked to have sex. He’d fingered her clitoris at the crucial moment. He was still in charge here. Manager and teacher. Lover. Jeff wouldn’t . . . couldn’t . . . take his place in her heart, if indeed Adam had any right to make that claim now given their six months of separation.

Damn, this was hard. Just seeing her again after missing her so much. All the days and nights as he lay in bed alone, blaming himself for hurting her. Searching his brain for something he should have done differently. He shouldn’t have become involved with her to begin with because a job like his didn’t mix with a traditional relationship. He should have done more to make her feel special so she wouldn’t feel threatened by his clients. He should have listened to her complaints and dealt with them rationally instead of yelling back and escalating the arguments.

On the other hand, maybe he couldn’t have done anything. Maybe their problems just sucked and nothing could have made them better. And maybe allowing himself to hope for a better ending would only hurt him more in the end. Still, he’d be a fool not to take this chance. If, indeed, it was a chance and not just an illusion created out of blind hope.

He stared outside, hardly noticing the hot tub and the city beyond. Late afternoon. The sun would be going down soon, and the city would switch over to night shift. How many nights had he stood in exactly this place, with another woman in the bed resting after sex with him and anticipating more? And how many of those times had Susan been in bed at their apartment, waiting for him to come home?

He’d make it up to her tonight. He could accomplish that, at least. He could give her his best work, better than anything he’d done for even his best clients. To do that, he’d have to share her with Jeff. She’d asked for two men, and he’d make sure she had every sexual experience she could dream up. There was no room for jealousy in this exercise. He needed to treat it as professionally as he had all his other encounters at the club. Complete detachment when she wanted Jeff and complete devotion when she wanted him.

He’d do everything in his power to make the joining so perfect she’d never get it out of her memory. In fact, he had a plan on how to accomplish that exact goal. Something he’d worked on for the last several weeks with Jeff’s help. This suite was outfitted with all the sound equipment he’d need. He had a few extra things to order, but the kitchen and the spa could provide those within a few minutes.

He hadn’t planned on using the technique himself but to teach it to the other men. Still, he and Jeff might as well try it out now, with Susan as the recipient. He could make her happy, no doubt about that. And he could bask in her smiles and share her orgasms, and that would make him pretty damned happy, too.

After that, who knew what would happen? He ran his fingers through his hair and blew out a frustrated breath. How would she feel when she came down from the drug? She might be embarrassed. She might regret coming here. Dear God, not that. The mere idea that she could wish she hadn’t given herself to him tore at his gut. He’d have to make this the best experience for her. And he’d have to do it soon because the postorgasm glow would wear off in another minute or two, and then the real work would begin.

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