Monday, October 6, 2014

BOOK BLITZ: Stand Close (Sabrina Lacey)



Lots of it. Fifty Million Dollars… left to her from out of nowhere from a

father she didn’t know she had.

But that

money comes with a price - Jack and Sean Stone. The Stone Brothers who were

just gorgeous unattainable faces on magazines, up until the morning one of them

shows up on Rue’s doorstep, drunk and pissed off. Jack’s growl, “You’ll be

hearing from my lawyer,” sends a jolt of shock to Rue’s system that ricochets

into a whole new life. One Jack doesn’t want her to have.


Alec Gabriel is the Stone Brothers best friend. Has been since childhood. Their

bond needs no words. So when Jack suggests he make his newest target for

heartache, Rue Calliwell, Alec signs on out of curiosity, not expecting that

meeting her will be the greatest challenge he’s ever had.

Part 2

will be released on 9/28 and Part 3 will be available on 10/9.  Both are available for preorder.




Alec and I walk in

silence past the valet who does a double take as he recognizes Alec. I feel

like I’m in a dream, so when the guy smiles at me, I don’t smile back. I just

keep following the leader. My leader.

We turn a corner. As soon

as we’re out of sight of the club, Alec backs me up against a graffiti’d wall

and lets go of my hand to touch my face and turn my chin from side to side,

checking if I’m bruised. His body is five inches from mine. His face is close

enough that if I leaned forward just a little bit, we’d be kissing. The deep

timber of his voice ricochets through my body. “Does it hurt? Are you okay?” As

I look at his lips, they part. We don’t speak for a few heated seconds.

Oh, did you ask me


 “I’m okay. It

doesn’t hurt anymore.” I sound like I’m saying Take me to bed, but

I can’t help it. He’s formed a human shield around me and the sense of

protection is a tonic I’ve never known. “You’re so warm, Alec.”

He smiles just for me,

his eyes locked on mine. “You’re a couple steps above that.” His hand goes up

on the wall above my shoulder and he looks at my lips. I back into the wall as

though it’s pliable. It isn’t. He looks down at my cleavage and holds there.

His hand comes up. With shortened breaths, I look down at his fingers and


“Oh my God. Yes…” I


His eyes meet mine, a

flicker of something heavy behind them. “What?” With shortened

breaths, aching for him everywhere, I can’t believe I hear myself saying, 

           “Please touch me.” 



Sabrina Lacey loves hot, flawed alphas, strong and funny women,

and wine. Lots of wine. Her “I Love My Healed Heart” hit #1 on Amazon in all of

Romance, including Romantic Comedy, Erotic Romance, and New Adult Romance.

She’s a big fan of her fans and often names characters after them as a thank

you. When not writing, you can find her making out with a complete and total

stranger. But don’t tell anyone…




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