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LISA'S REVIEW: Floyd & Mikki: Zombie Hunters (Joseph Tatner)

"Floyd & Mikki: Zombie Hunters"
Saving America this Halloween
SUMMARY:    "Floyd & Mikki: Zombie Hunters" is a hilarious romp through postapocalyptic America as the two heroes learn to relay on each other, their wits, and anything they can scrounge to stay alive. Packed with lots of action, creepy horror and snarky humor. A "must-read" for this Halloween! Currently available as an eBook on Amazon and other online book sellers.
WORD COUNT: 95,813
RELEASE DATE: 10/03/2014
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Floyd & Mikki: Zombie Hunters
by Joseph Tatner

Oh my word!!!! This was so not what I was expecting. If anyone asked me about this book I would say break out the Depends because you will be laughing so hard that you are most likely gonna need them! One of the funniest books I have ever read. I was so surprised and happy that I laughed so much. Everyone needs a laugh sometimes and this is the perfect book for that. The adventures and mishaps along the way for Floyd and Mikki are great. The romance along the way just adds the perfect balance to this plot. I found myself reading this straight through and laughing all along the way. What a perfect read for this time of year and a nice change of pace from  others like this in the genre. I would recommend this to all. Even if your not a zombie fan you will love the laughs you find in this book! Floyd and Mikki are a joy to read!


Just in time to save Halloween, "Floyd & Mikki: Zombie Hunters" arrives at and other venues for the Kindle, iBook and other eBook platforms.
Unlike most zombie books, which are as dry and mindless as the creatures they feature, this first book in the trilogy packs plenty of action and creepy horror as Floyd and Mikki rely on each other, their wits and whatever supplies they can scrounge as they travel through the Midwest to New California Haven, the last safe zone in America. Lost in a shattered world populated by the undead, they don’t know what caused the infection or how to stop it. With wry humor and snarky comments, they encounter plenty of action, colorful characters and riveting horror as they fight to stay alive and help others along the way.
Floyd and Mikki: Zombie Hunters is an unpredictable adventure that keeps you guessing and waiting on the edge of your seat to see what comes next. As Anne-Marie Reynolds wrote in her review, "'Floyd and Mikki: Zombie Hunters' is an amazingly funny book, a zombie book that is so totally different from every other one on the market. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at their antics. Joseph Tatner has a brilliant turn of phrase, a fantastic aptitude for telling a story, and is very funny with it. Amazing story, great characters and a really good plot all combine to make this an explosive and hilarious novel. Despite all of the zombie movies out there, this is one I would love to see on the big screen."
A true renaissance man, the author Joseph Tatner holds a BA in Communications and an MA in National Security Studies. He has written numerous published Web and print articles, books, technical documents and promotional materials.
After writing so many technical manuals over the years, Joseph nearly turned into a zombie himself, so he has a unique insight into the mindless void of a soulless drone. Yet like his father before him, Jack Tatner (a famous musician in the 1940s), Joe has kept his offbeat sense of humor. He has a unique talent for taking an otherwise normal situation and turning it on its head, then twisting it again with delightful, thought-provoking results. Joe is a modern day Gilbert and Sullivan, examining humanity, society and personal relationships in a topsy-turvy apocalyptic world.
This is one zombie novel for readers with a brain!
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 The Author
Joseph Tatner

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