Saturday, October 25, 2014

LISA'S REVIEW: The Return (Carter Vance)

Title: The Return
Author: Carter Vance

"Great story about the Knights Templar in action." 

"A compelling story" 

"Thrills, suspense, action, intrigue This book has it all." 

The Return is a story of the modern day fulfillment of the Grail prophecy. 

The time has come for the prophesied return of Christ. Long thought extinct, the secret Order of Knights Templar battle the Dark Forces that fear His return. 

At the center of this battle of good and evil is Sarah Davidson, an expectant mother, who has a unique heritage, and Peter Christos, her shipping magnate husband. The couple, who were married in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant, is confronted with a series of surreptitious schemes and attacks causing them to flee and seek a secure birthplace for their son. 

They are aided in this endeavor by the Knights Templar, a clandestine organization that has, over the centuries, amassed enormous wealth and power and the organization to deliver it in anticipation of this day. 

Ultimately, they engage in a grand battle for the prophesied birth 

"A flavorful blend of history and prophecy" 

"Exciting. A real page turner" 

If you loved The Da Vinci Code, this is the book for you. 

If you think we are living in the "end times", you'll love this book. 

If you just like an exciting adventure, read this book!

I was super excited to read this book. I love these types of stories and they really get me involved. This one had so much potential. It is good but not great. It was short and seemed a little too rushed to really get me involved in the plot. A lot of really great historical facts thrown in that intrigues me but at times I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of information packed into so few pages. The characters have a great base but they are kind of glossed over so that you get all of the information needed to get the story. This story really has too much going on for so few pages. 
That being said, I really enjoyed it and hoped for more. I read it fairly quickly and came away wanting more. To me that is a winner! It has it's issues but if you truly love this type of book then it is a must read for the genre. I think most will enjoy this story if they love the genre.  



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