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LISA'S REVIEW: Solomon's Choice (Emily Mims)



they will defeat the past.

When Dr. Caroline Stern moves to the Texas Hill Country to share custody of her
rescued son, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with the little
boy’s sexy father! 


CHRISTMAS DAY… the life of Dr. Caroline Stern changed forever. Her husband was

murdered, her baby son kidnapped. When she found the boy again, he was with his
biological father - a man Caroline never intended to meet.

There seems no obvious tie between Jack Briscoe and the violence of sixteen
months prior, but Caroline just wants her son back - something Jack seems
unwilling to grant. He wants the boy, too, and when a wily old country judge
demands the two of them work out a shared custody arrangement, Caroline finds
herself in Texas Hill Country for longer than expected.

Then she learns Jack wants her, too. And she might want him.

In the beautiful town of Verde, on the shores of Lake Templeton, she begins to
rebuild her life. But the dark clouds of the past have not vanished completely,
and one last storm of deceit remains. A choice must be made, and only the
deepest love will see them through.


Wow, what a heartbreaking and heartwarming story. I felt so sad for most of this book. Caroline had one blow after another. I felt so much for her. It almost made this book drag on because of all the pain and suffering that Caroline and Jack went through in their lives. I loved their characters and the strength they had through the book. I also loved the town and how it supported them so much. The small town feel really popped of the pages in this story. So did all the emotions of the characters. I found the Judge absolutely hilarious. I laughed at his ways and loved his heartfelt concern. I loved getting Caroline, Jack, and the villain's POV. Getting all of this let you get the whole story but, also what to make you yell at Caroline to remember. Poor impatient Jack had so much to deal with. I felt for him I did but, he was almost inconsiderate at times when helping Caroline deal. He is a man though, and that happens to be a downfall of many. I really did love this and the ending was beautiful. I was so on edge during all of the hospital scenes and really felt for Jack and Caroline. The best part of the whole story was getting to see the love grow and develop despite all of the heartbreaking moments. A wonderful story.





 “Tell me we have a chance to make this

Caroline stiffened beside him. “What do

you mean?”

Jack pulled back and sat up. “You know

what I mean. Tell me we have a chance to make a relationship work.”

Caroline rolled away and sat up, too. “I

thought you understood. I told you a month ago I’m not ready for a serious


Jack leaned forward and glared into her

eyes. “Then what the hell was tonight all about? You, me, the lovemaking? I

thought it meant something.”

Caroline swallowed and reached for her

nightshirt. “I was offering you tonight, Jack. Just tonight. Tonight was about

the moon and the stars and the dancing. Tonight was about giving in to the
attraction. Tonight was about doing what you’ve been trying to get me to do for
the last six weeks. Yes, the sex was great, but…” Her eyes misted and she
looked away.
“But?” Jack prompted.

“But it was just a fling, Jack. Just a

romantic interlude between two consenting adults.”



of nineteen Romance novels, Emily Wright Mims combined her writing career with

a career in public education until leaving the classroom to write full time.
The mother of two sons, she and her husband Charles split their time between
central Texas and eastern Tennessee. For relaxation she plays the piano, organ,
and dulcimer.


says, "I love to write Romances because I believe in them. Romance

happened to me and it can happen to any woman - if she’ll just let it."


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