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Title: True Alpha: Vol 1- 6 Box Set
Author: Alisa Woods
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance serial
Release Date: October 28, 2014

Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.
Mia is just a college girl trying to earn her business degree and dig out of the poverty she was born into—being a shifter is something she hides, hoping her secret won’t sabotage her dreams.

Lucas is a broken alpha, a wolf who lost his mate, his pack, and almost himself—he wasn’t looking to rescue a girl or start a pack war. But now he has to keep her safe or it won’t just be her life, but his whole family at risk… only his inner wolf can’t seem to keep its paws off a girl who has secrets of her own.
True Alpha (Volume 1-6) is the full box set of the True Alpha serial. It is approximately 304 pages

I love this series. I am so in love with the wolves in this series. Lucas was so broken and I am so angry it took him so long to let himself love Mia. I do understand though and this series played out perfectly. I am happy I read it as a set though, if not I think I would have died over the cliffhangers that are at the end of each volume. So much happens in such short amounts of time that you may get whiplash here. I do enjoy the fast paced action here. It added to the romance that Lucas fought so hard to ignore and Mia worked so hard to have. I love Mia and her strong nature. She was amazing in this story line and the perfect woman to bring back Lucas. I now need to here the rest of the wolves stories. I want Jak's story but I want Colin and Lev's more. I also want the tiger's stories. Parker and Cade seem like they will be great stories too. Alisa Woods you have given me a new series to be addicted to and now I need the other character's stories too! Like now! This was the perfect shifter romance and action packed adventure! I am in love with the Sparks boys and I need me some more Sparks alpha males now!


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True Alpha

Desired (True Alpha 1)
"I thought this wasn't a good idea," she said, breathless, hoping he wasn't suddenly changing his mind.

"I'm tired of trying to resist you."

Guarded (True Alpha 2)
”But no more sex?” she asked. His arms locked up again.


“How about kissing?” she asked lightly.

He cocked his head to one side. “This isn’t a negotiation.”

“No kissing then,” she said. “What about fondling? Over or under clothes? How about straight-up groping?”

He gritted his teeth. “Mia,” he growled through them.

“I’m just saying…” She pushed in her chair. “If I accidentally brush up against you in the elevator, don’t be surprised if some part of your body gets squeezed.”

Hunted (True Alpha 3)
"I know your name, Mia." His voice was commanding, yet smooth, like smoke curling over a steel blade. "It means MINE, and that's exactly what I want to make you. Her entire body heated with those words. The snarling of her wolf reduced to a whimper. He'd barely spoken to her, but he was already claiming her with his words. Something Lucas had consistently refused to do, ever since he knew what she was. Colin, on the other hand, knew exactly what she was and wanted her badly enough to march in and demand it. It reached inside her and touched a deep need. One even her wolf couldn't muster a complaint against.”

Captured (True Alpha 4)
"From the moment she came into his life, she'd had that effect: making him feel things that had been long dead. Challenging him to be a better wolf. A better man. Maybe, with her by his side, he could reclaim the other things he'd lost. The other parts of himself. Maybe he could actually be a true alpha again."

Sacrificed (True Alpha 5)
“His heart was breaking, not only because Mace was claiming the girl he loved, but because of her incredible bravery in attempting to spare all their lives. He knew she was strong, but to selflessly try to save them… when by all rights, they should be saving her.”

Claimed (True Alpha 6)
"From the moment you came into my life, you challenged me to be better. A better man. A better wolf. A true alpha, not some broken excuse for…” He paused, his throat thick. She seemed distressed by what he was saying. “Lucas, you’re a good man.” “I’m a better man with you."

About the Author
Alisa Woods1
Alisa Woods lives in the Midwest with her husband and family, but her heart will always belong to the beaches and mountains where she grew up. She writes sexy paranormal romances about alpha men and the women who love them. She loves to explore the struggles we all have, where we resist - and succumb to - our vices as well as our greatest desires. She firmly believes that love triumphs over all. Her New Adult Paranormal Romance Author: my debut serial romance DESIRED (TRUE ALPHA #1) is here!

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