Sunday, November 30, 2014

Author Interview: A.C. Bextor

We welcome A.C. Bextor and are super excited to share with you her interview. I hope that you get to know her a little better and enjoy the fun!

1. What is your favorite Holiday? 
Mother's Day. I love being a mom.

2. Of all the holiday food, what is your favorite?
 The homemade cookies and candies, definitely.

3. What is your favorite fall read? 
Anything Kristen Ashley. I re-read her books all the time!

4. What is your favorite winter read? 
Kristen Ashley again, love her!

5. Do you like Christmas music?
 YES! I have a playlist on my IPAD that I blare through the house. Family can't stand it, so it makes it more appealing :)

6. How early do you start to decorate for the holidays?
 Usually not 'til December 1.

7. Sexiest thing to wear this time of year...woman? man?
 Women - scarves. I love them. All colors and prints. 
Men, wool coats. I love the long button up coat with a scarf.

8. What is your favorite holiday song? 
Baby, it's Cold Outside. All mixes and eras.

9. Have you been or are you ever inspired to write by the holidays?
 Not yet. I have too many stories to finish. Maybe next year.

10. What is you best holiday memory? 
My husband coming home after being deployed. The entire family (kids, parents, etc) were there for the dinner. I loved every minute even knowing he was leaving again in five days.

About A.C. Bextor
I love to read! I will read anything, literally. It may be a magazine, book, advertisement or even a cereal box. Specific authors that I follow have moved me to start writing. Before long that inspiration had produced a final product that I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do with. Obviously I hit publish and here I am.

Blessed with a great family that includes my husband, four kids, two dogs, and one hedgehog, I’ve lived in the Midwest all of my life. We currently live in a small town outside of Omaha, NE. My day job affords the ability to work from home and I’ve worked for the same lending company for nearly 19 years.

When I’m not reading, I try to be outside as much as possible even if it is just sitting on my deck with my reading device. I enjoy fishing, swimming, hockey games, and watching football with the family.


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