Sunday, November 9, 2014

Author Interview: Charlie Daye

We welcome to our Holiday Event Charlie Daye. She has been so great and agreed to do an interview with us! She is going to give us a look into her holidays with this interview! I hope you all enjoy and come back when Charlie does a book spotlight and a cover reveal with us!

Twins- What is your favorite Holiday? 
Charlie- It's a real close tie between Halloween and Christmas, but if I have to choose one, I'd go with Christmas.

Twins- Of all the holiday food, what is your favorite? 
Charlie- Pumpkin Pie 

Twins- Do you like Christmas music?
Charlie- I think it depends on my mood. If I'm feeling in the spirit, then yes.

Twins- How early do you start to decorate for the holidays? 
Charlie- The day after Thanksgiving.

Twins- What is your favorite holiday song? 
Charlie- White Christmas

Twins- Have you been or are you ever inspired to write by the holidays?
Charlie- Not yet!

Twins- What is you best holiday memory?
Charlie- One year, the hubby and I threw a Naughty themed Christmas party at the house with a white elephant gift exchange. All the gifts under the tree were either alcohol related or sex related. LOL. It was the funniest year ever!

About Charlie
My name is Charlie Daye. You may not realize this but Charlie Daye is not my real name. It's a pen name that was created using my nickname. If I could legally change my name to Charlie, I would but my mother would have a heart attack. *Grins* Sometimes I question what my parents were thinking when they named me because when you translate my birth name to English it means scarf. Yes, that is correct... I was named after an article of clothing.

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a world champion kickboxing super model but alas that was not meant to be. So, I settled for writing stories about gorgeous women who know how to kick some serious ass. The guys are pretty hot too though.

My childhood was quite entertaining especially with an imagination like mine which intensified after I found my first book by Richie Tankersely Cusick. I never had an imaginary friend but I have come across a ghost or two in my time that have scared the crap out of me and I swear I saw a flying saucer in Vegas!

My sexy Italian husband is a chef by trade and makes the most amazing chocolate lava cakes for dessert - they are just sinfully delicious but I still refuse to eat asparagus. It's just nasty! We have an American Bulldog named TinkerBell who is a giant sized baby that hogs up the entire bed.

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