Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Author Interview: SM Lynn

We welcome SM Lynn to our holiday fun. We are excited to share her interview and let you get to know her a little bit better!

Holiday Interview

Twins- What is your favorite Holiday?
SM-  4th of July

Twins- Of all the holiday food, what is your favorite?
SM-  Hmmm...  I really really love food in general so picking just one thing is very difficult.  I guess I would have to be a bit boring and say turkey (Thanksgiving and Christmas).  We really never roast turkey at any other time during the year (too time consuming) so it is something I look forward to every year.

Twins- What is your favorite fall read?
SM-  So far this fall my favorite read has been Becoming Calder.  As the days grow shorter I like the sappy/ugly cry reads.

Twins- What is your favorite winter read?
SM-  Anything super hot and steamy.  It helps through cold winter nights :)

Twins- Do you like Christmas music?
SM- Yes, in doses.  I can't listen to it for days on end but love it at parties, when I'm shopping etc.

Twins- How early do you start to decorate for the holidays?
SM-  I try to change my decorations right after Thanksgiving.  It doesn't always happen that way and sometimes it's mid-December before I actually get around to it.

Twins- Sexiest thing to wear this time of year...woman? man?
SM-  I love the holiday outfits especially New Years.  They are not always the most weather appropriate for women but there is nothing sexier to me than a well dressed man (i.e. suit or tux) and a woman in a sexy dress.

Twins- What is your favorite holiday song?  The Christmas Song - traditional and soulful

9. Have you been or are you ever inspired to write by the holidays?
SM-  I haven't written a book centered around a holiday so I guess I would have to say no.  But I do still write during the holidays and some prominent moments in my books happen around the holidays.

Twins- What is you best holiday memory?
SM-  Would have to be the first Christmas when both my children were able to (kind of) understand the holiday.  Seeing their faces when the woke up Christmas morning, experiencing their first midnight church service, it was all so priceless.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Their joy and enthusiasm are contagious.

About the Author
S.M. Lynn is the author of Out of the Ashes. The sequel, Into the Flames, released September 15, 2014. The third novel in the series is scheduled to be published early 2015. She also has a new series, The 5 Horsemen, in the works. These are rock star romances, ladies and gents, and each will be a stand-alone with an HEA. She loves to write and read romance of all varieties. She lives in Nebraska with her husband and two (soon to be 3) children.

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