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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Curse Breaker's Trilogy (Charlie Daye)

Charlie Daye talks about her bestselling Curse Breaker’s Trilogy

The CBT was something I started about a year ago. I had an idea to write a story about a haunted house which turned out to be much much more. The series centers around three best friends… Aria, Melissa and Amy who each have their own curse to break and each story is very different much like the women my characters were based off of… and yes they are based off some very real very good friends of mine.
My idea when I started this series was to do something different. So rather than having the women become immortal like their counterparts, I decided that they would break the curses that would make the men human again so they could live normal lives.
Each storyline is geared towards the heroine’s personality. Aria is a fighter so she needed to have a serious smack down with her enemy. Melissa is a very laid back personality so her curse needed to be easy to break. Amy is all about the drama and she needed an ending that would combine everything from the previous books into an explosive ending for the series.
I’ve read some reviews of the series that state you could read the books individually but in all honesty that are best read in order that way you understand why Dominic and Aria love so deeply and why Melissa and Aiden always seem to be connected at the hip. The series is about the journeys these couples make and how close they become.
The Reservation is my latest release and the finale for the series. It’s Amy’s story and is very dark and depressing but at the same time is very funny and sexy. It brings back all of your favorite characters from the first two books and introduces you to new ones. Some you’ll love others you’ll hate but then again that was the whole point. This book was extremely painful to write for so many reasons but I promise you won’t be disappointed.  I feel it’s the perfect ending to a fantastic series!

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Reservation Excerpt
Too tired to change clothes I crawled into bed, closed my eyes and fell into the most erotic dream ever.

It was nighttime. The sky was pitch black above me and the ground below me glowed silver from the light of the full moon.
I looked around my surroundings. I was standing in the middle of a small circular clearing. There was nothing around me but trees. There were no people, no buildings, no sounds or wind. It was deathly quiet. I spun around in a circle and stopped when I saw two silver eyes gazing at me from inside the tree line. My breath caught in my throat.
“Nahemana…” a male voice whispered.
I began to panic as I watched the silver eyes go from being about chest high to well over six feet tall. I started backing up slowly. My eyes darted from side to side looking for a possible way out. When I looked back at the location where the silver eyes were they were gone. I stopped moving, looking around. I had no idea where the eyes went, I was afraid and my heart began pounding in my chest.
I felt the wind stir gently behind me and then a soft caress down my neck. That touch instantly soothed me making me relax. I sighed, releasing the breath I had been holding.

Soft, warm lips placed gentle kisses along my neck. Each kiss sent shivers through my body. I felt myself ease back into whoever it was that was standing behind me; huge muscled arms encased my body. I found myself not ever wanting to leave the warmth that surrounded me. I felt safe, protected and extremely aroused.

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