Thursday, November 27, 2014

LEANN'S REVIEW: Coming Home to Love (Katie O'Boyle)

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: September 24, 2014

With his health deteriorating and his spirit dying, Justin Cushman has come home to Tompkins Falls in the Finger Lakes to assist his injured nephew Joel. Sick of accumulating wealth for its own sake, Justin knows that his life is meaningless without a loving relationship and a purpose for his billions. On a whim, he visits Joel’s spa, looking for a massage to relieve his pain. Gianessa Dupioni is a gifted masseuse who knows what ails Justin, and she starts him on a journey of health and happiness. Too bad for Justin that Gianessa is devastated by personal losses and strictly focused on rebuilding her career. Justin may be a master strategist in the financial world, but can he persuade Gianessa to let love in?


Gianessa stepped aside as he brushed past her. She drew in a deep breath, preparing 

to take charge, but his scent threw her off—cloves and sandalwood and something she 

couldn’t identify. Justin Cushman had a force field nearly as strong as hers, and she 

didn’t like it one bit. His eyes were all over her, appreciating and assessing at the same 

time. That’s my role—to evaluate his body.

When his gaze fastened on her necklace and one eyebrow rose, she forgot to breathe. 

Okay, she was out of uniform, she had led a client to a shamefully tiny treatment room 

and she was wearing outrageously expensive jewelry. Is he making a case to fire me?

Nonsense. She was doing him a favor. 

Gianessa squared her slender shoulders and tapped her foot in protest. 

He met her gaze, and a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. 

She blushed. Enough. No more games. She was in charge here, and he needed her 

finest care. 

“You’ve come home to support Joel’s recovery, I assume. Do you—?” 

Both eyebrows arched in surprise. “And I assume you are the physical therapist 

and healer my nephew brought to the Manse to reconceptualize his spa. Aren’t you 

overqualified as a massage therapist?”

“—know what illness is wasting your body?”

His eyes flashed a warning. “I asked for a massage.” 

He’s more vulnerable than I thought. She soothed him with her voice and her smile. 

“I will give you a massage, but we will talk about your body, Mr. Cushman, if not today, 

then soon. Joel would expect it, and I’m sure I can help you. I see from your reaction 

that you’re not in denial about being very ill.” 

He shrugged one shoulder. “Maybe I’ve lost a little weight.”

“Forty or fifty pounds.” 

He looked around the treatment room. “What is this space? Ten by twelve?”

Testing. “Seven by nine. Which is why it’s never scheduled.”

“Yet you’re slender enough to move around the table.” His gaze softened. “And kind 

enough to go the extra mile for me.” 

She admired the way he had shifted his energy, from defensive to open. She relaxed 

her shoulders and gave him a warm smile.

His gaze penetrated. “You know, Gianessa, I’ve been seen by experts in three 

countries, but if you can figure out what my doctors haven’t figured out, I’ll be glad to

hear it.”


I enjoyed reading about the romance throughout this book. I also liked the different hardships this couple had. They were different from what I usually read. However, I felt like those hardships took away from the book some. Maybe a little too in detail. Still a great read.

This is the second book in the series and can be read as a stand alone. I had not read the first book, although I may pick it up since I do have some unanswered questions from the beginning of the read. Still, having not read the first book I personally don't think it took anything away from the story. The overall story was good. I found some humor here and there. The characters also developed nicely throughout the read.



Katie O'Boyle

Born in the upstate-New York village known as the Birthplace of Women’s Rights, Katie O’Boyle loves the Finger Lakes in every season. She enjoys lunch with friends at charming inns, and she cherishes the lakeside porch as a place for intimate sharing, laughter, and inspiration. To the outside world, she is a tech-savvy college professor. In her soul, she is a passionate author of warm-hearted romance. She is hard at work on book four of the Lakeside Porches romance books and novellas.

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