Wednesday, November 12, 2014

LEANN'S REVIEW: Howl (Brittney Dussault)

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After an archeology expedition gone wrong, Lis Santiago is assigned a desk job at The Library, an underground archive dedicated to the history and study of supernatural creatures. Run by humans, the joke about The Library is that it’s operated by people who know everything about magic… except how to use it. Lis is no exception, and after three years, she’s finally accepted her new, albeit lackluster, career.
Then a request is made: Supernatural creatures in the area have gone missing, and the Alpha from the local werewolf pack wants a Librarian to aid in the investigation. But he doesn’t want just any Librarian, he wants Lis. Accepting means time away from her desk, but it also means having to be paired up with old partner Jonas Highet, who left her waiting for him in Italy five years ago. This isn’t the reunion she had in mind, but when the Alpha calls, it’s hard to say no.

Lis quickly wishes she had.

The Alpha already has a suspect, he just needs Lis to convict him… even if there’s no proof he’s guilty. But the Alpha’s sister thinks her brother’s scapegoat- a wolf named Mickey Kaiser- is innocent, and she wants Lis to prove it.

Caught between a pair of siblings known for their cunning ways, Lis is going to have to find out what’s so special about Mickey Kaiser, while simultaneously keeping Jonas from killing the man. And just when Lis starts dreaming about her desk job, the first body is found.

It’s unlike anything Lis has seen before.


Let me start off by saying I loved this book. I love paranormal reads anyway. Most of the time though, I read paranormal romance. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but this read is so so much more. I love the mystery. Anytime you can throw one or more genres together I am hooked. Dussault does just that. There is a little romance but not much. 

I really liked Lis as a character. I also liked her personal story line. Lis is stuck at a desk job wanting something a little more. Be careful what you wish for. Its a great read with a wonderful plot. A few twist and turns and the perfect amount of suspense. My only real problems with the book was we didn't really learn many key details until the end of the book. At times I thought it was the second book in the series. I do think this book sets up future books very well and I can't wait to jump into them. The cover is beautiful. 


Meet the Author
Brittney Dussault is the author of over a dozen titles, including Howl and The Banewood Chronicles. When she’s not churning out a new book every 2-3 months, she’s helping others realize their dreams of being published authors. Cupcakes keep her going and she’s determined to put herself on a Best Sellers list one day.
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