Monday, December 1, 2014

Author Interview: Briana Pacheco

Welcome Briana Pacheco! She is here for her holiday interview to let us know a little bit more about her and her books! I hope you all enjoy!

1. What is your favorite Holiday?

A: Christmas! I wish I didn't have to pick just one but I love snow, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, staying in reading and the Christmas decorations so that's kind of a no-brainer, right? :)

2. Of all the holiday food, what is your favorite?

A: Pumpkin Pie. 100%. I'd be fine eating that during the holidays instead of real food like turkey/chicken/ham.

3. What is your favorite fall read?

A: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I read that a few years ago and it has stuck with me since.

4. What is your favorite winter read?

A; The Hunger Games trilogy! Need I say more?!?!

5. Do you like Christmas music? 

A: I like it only in December!! If I hear it in November or January, I have to put headphones on and listen to my own playlists. I don't know why that happens but I've been that way since I was a kid.

6. How early do you start to decorate for the holidays?

A: Once Halloween is over, I start putting things up for Thanksgiving. The day after the chicken (I'm not a turkey person) is gone, the Christmas tree goes up!

7. Sexiest thing to wear this time of year...woman? man?

A: This answer may vary for different temperatures outside. ;)

8. What is your favorite holiday song?

A: Silent Night. The melody has always been calming to me.

9. Have you been or are you ever inspired to write by the holidays?

A: I have been! While writing The Enough Trilogy, I was 13, sitting at home, staring out at the snow on Christmas morning!! Ideas popped into my head seconds later so I wrote them down. Staring at the angel on the tree, gave me inspiration to make the trilogy have a paranormal feel also. So I thank Christmas for making me a writer!

10. What is your best holiday memory?

A: Easy! Refer to the previous question. My family thought I was having a mental breakdown that day because I wouldn't move from my spot, writing like a manic, shaking my head constantly at the voices waiting to be heard. It was a scary moment...for them.

About the author:
Briana Pacheco hates referring to herself in third person so let’s start off with I’m the author of the Enough Trilogy, Don’t Let Me Fall, and many more books to come in the future. I’m from Boston and a wannabe explorer so one day I’ll travel the world. So far, that’s only happening when I write but I’m not giving up just yet. I love coffee, music and books, and I have an obsession with tattoos and accents. Sadly, I have neither so I make my characters have them instead. I’m an avid reader and if I’m not writing, you’ll find me with a book (or Kindle) in my hands. I love hearing from readers about anything so please don’t be shy and stalk me. I love it!

Twitter: @BrianaPacheco20
Blog/Tumblr: BrianaPachecoAuthor
Pinterest: BrianaPacheco1

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