Wednesday, December 3, 2014

LISA'S REVIEW: Isles Of Olympus: A Quest Of Discovery (Sandra Schepis)

Isles of Olympus: A Quest of Discovery
by Sandra Schepis

A Quest of Discovery is the second part of the Isles of Olympus Trilogy. We begin with a short prelude into to the missing ten years between where we left Ariella in the first book and to where we begin in the second with her living a quiet life among the Elves of Emerald Valley. 
Things have gone from bad to worse in the once peaceful twelve realms of the Isles of Olympus, and with Ariella not up to the job of being the Ruler of Rulers over the realms the task is once again left to Lord James to rule in her place. 
But something is wrong; something rather dark is starting to emerge, first Ariella’s family fall ill with the strange cursed illness that came over Ariella’s grandfather. With her family’s line under attack, it is time to bring back the Queen, weather she wants it or not. It is time to help her find herself, so they can discover who is the one that wants to see the beautiful and blessed homelands of the Guardian’s torn apart and completely destroyed. 
In this book we see the arrival of Olympian Gods of Greece, and how the Guardians struggle to see them differently than history has spoken of them. Will they all find peace and help one another to save the realms they rule? Or will they fight one another and destroy it all? 
It is time for Ariella to become the Queen of her land and the ruler for her people, she needs to find a way to make amends with the Olympian Gods, and work together to stop those that would want them all destroyed.

Before you pick up this fascinating read, I think you need to read the first book in the series. You will get the back story of Ariella. She is such a great character.
I really loved the set up in the last book and was super excited for this one. I was excited to get to see the Gods in this one. I like the take the author took. Straying from the myths many have heard and giving us a new POV into the Gods. A lot has happened since the last book and I was a little sad to see that. I kind of wanted this to pick up where the author left off. In this book I found myself reading page after page, unable to put the story down! Getting to spend more time in this world and see more of what the last book only hinted at! I love this series and I find myself wanting more! A world with dragons, gods, queens, elves, and so much more!
Overall, this is a book I would tell all to try. I loved it and I believe anyone who loves mythological worlds will fall in love with this series! 


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