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Kathleen Kelly

The Interview:

1. What is your biggest inspiration when writing?

My mind is a scary place. Plenty of inspiration in there. The hardest thing is discipline and making myself write everyday.
2. Which book has been the most fun to write for you?

Savage Stalker. It was easy, it was all there in my head from start to finish.

3. Which book was the most difficult to write?

Savage Fire, lots went wrong with this book. I had to get my covers re-done. My editor went MIA so I had to find another one, which I did and then the first editor came back to me. Then I went overseas for five weeks, it was supposed to be released before I left but that didn't happen. 
But we got there in the end and I love my new covers! A big thank you to Romantic Book Affairs for doing them.

4. Outside of writing/reading, what is your favorite thing to do?

I like to people watch in cafes. If I could sit in a café all day and drink coffee, eat and write I'd be happy.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I've always wanted to go to Greece. Unfortunately that's not going to happen for a little while. Next year I am in Mississippi for the Outlaw Author Motorcycle Convention in June and then in 2017 I am in Chester for another Author Signing. 

6. If you could meet any author, who would it be?

I love JR Ward and her books.

7. Was there a book in your childhood that inspired your career as a writer?

I've always loved reading. I loved Enid Blyton's books when I was a child. As an adult I fell in love with all things Kristen Ashley.

8. What are you current WIP? 

At the moment I have three on the go but really need to concentrate on Savage Town. It's #3 in the Savage Angels MC

9. Will you be at any author signings in the near future?

I'm going to but not signing to Fictionally Yours in Melbourne, Australia in October 215
Hopefully in Australia, Readers and Writers Down Under in March 2016 on the Gold Coast
June 2016 Meridan, Mississippi for OAMC in USA
April 2017 Chester Author Signing Event in the UK

10. If you could only recommend one of your books, which would you say our readers HAD to read?

My books run in order so the first one Savage Stalker.

Thank you for having me :)

Kathleen Kelly was born in Penrith, NSW, Australia. When she was four her family moved to Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Although born in NSW she considers herself a QUEENSLANDER!!

She married her childhood sweetheart and they live in Brisbane with their two furry kids. A British Short Hair called Grace and a Burmese called Jack.

Kathleen enjoys writing contemporary, romance novels with a little bit of erotica. She draws her inspiration from family, friends and the people around her. She can often be found in cafes writing and observing the locals.

If you have any questions about her novels or would like to ask Kathleen a question she can be contacted via e-mail: or she can be found on Facebook.


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1st Series - Savage Angels MC

Displaying SavageStalkerCover5x8_MEDIUM.jpg

Savage Stalker (Savage Angels MC #1)
Released December 10th, 2014

Displaying 10921662_764267510314039_4852369064668930325_o.png


Katarina Saunders. Kat to the world, international rock star. Lead singer for The Grinders.
Until she has an accident that ruins her career and sends her running into the mountains, away from everything and everyone.
Dane Reynolds, President of the Savage Angels MC. Fierce, strong and loyal. He’s had his eye on Kat for a while now and has been waiting for her to come to him but he’s had enough of waiting. He’s decided it’s time to make her his.
But so has her Stalker, he’s been waiting for far too long…
Can Dane save Kat? Or will her savage stalker get to her first?

Displaying 10917177_774534845953972_1418564895246369843_o.jpg

Savage Fire (Savage Angels MC #2)
Released May 29th, 2015

Displaying 11131768_834412466596574_1606568609_n.jpg


Emily Reynolds, estranged sister to Dane Reynolds, President of the Savage Angels MC, has just lost her father. He was not a caring man and inflicted suffering on his family. Dane abandoned her and her mother years ago, leaving them alone to deal with a brutal man who never showed any love or mercy. Emily wants Dane to feel the pain she felt, she wants him to suffer as she did and decides to make the long drive to see him.

Salvatore Agostino, captain in the Abruzzi crime family is also on his way to see Dane Reynolds. A ruthless businessman, he is fiercely loyal to his family and his men. A chance encounter brings him face to face with Emily.

These two meet and their attraction grows into a love that neither could have anticipated.

Will they be able to overcome the turmoil that awaits them or will their love be destroyed by forces beyond their control?

Displaying 22784_1626059884277163_7672406926315085154_n.jpg

Savage Town (Savage Angels MC #3)
Coming September 2015

Pre-Order Available
Amazon: Not available at this time


Tourmaline is set to host the wedding of the century.
Everyone is in town to witness rocks' wild child, Kat Saunders, marry Savage Angels MC President, Dane Reynolds.
Love is in the air, and even the VP, Jonas, has been roped into helping with the impending nuptials.
For a time now, Jonas has kept quiet about his attraction to the beautiful Adelynn but now he's making it his mission to convince her he's a changed man.
With all hearts set on a happy ending, all are oblivious to the danger lurking on the outskirts of town.
The Savage Angels MC are fierce, loyal and will do anything to protect their own, but what if 'anything' is simply not enough?
Visit Tourmaline to experience the gut wrenching, unimaginable danger that threatens to destroy everyone's chance of a happily ever after.


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