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LISA'S REVIEW: Flirts! (Lisa Scott) 5 romantic short stories

Title: Flirts!

Author: Lisa Scott

Format: Kindle Ebook

Published: 2011

Series: Flirts collection #1


     Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories to squeeze into your busy life. Fun, flirty, sweet and sassy—always with the perfect happy ending.

Each story is 8,000 to 11,000 words in length (approximately 32-44 typical book pages in length. 53,000 words total, or 210 typical book pages.)

The stories include:

“The Hot Girl’s Friend”
How can a plain Jane find love when her best friend is a curvy blonde man magnet?

Jane usually busies herself during a night on the town, fending off the men lusting after her gorgeous friend Miranda. When Brady the bartender overhears her inspired, ludicrous excuses, he resolves to hook up Jane with his friends. But Jane would be quite happy with him. Pine along as Jane tries to find her own happily ever after.

“Wrong Place, Right Guy”
She’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can the guy who saves her be Mr. Right? Or will his past keep them apart?

When Kristen is jumped in a parking lot, Tony jumps in to save the day. While she thinks her hero could also be her heartthrob, Tony’s worried his past is reason to stay apart. Will the good guy get the girl in the end?

“Not You”
One night with a stranger…gets even stranger the next day.

Single, lonely Carly thinks the best way to handle her mother’s third wedding is by throwing her own bachelorette-party-for-one the night before. What’s the harm in her first one-night stand ever? She’ll find out the next day.

“Desperately Seeking Cupid”
Does she finally have the key for finding love?

Brianna has tried everything to find love—with no luck. So she’s turning to feng shui to bring romance to her world. Too bad the guy she’s after thinks its bunk. Will her formula for love work—or blow up in her face?

“Never Been Dumped”
It’s a relationship with an expiration date and it’s going to go bad.

Rachel hates breaking hearts. She’s never been dumped, and she’s tired of being the one to walk away. But a handsome stranger in town for the summer promises he’ll dump her after their summer fling. Will they be able to say goodbye?

 (Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


 For short stories of romance this is a must have. I loved it. I could not put down this collection of fun romance. A good laugh and shocking twist. Though short each story packs a punch and is a fun little collection of love. All five shorts are tied to one another making it a flowing arrangement of shorts. It is a well written arrangement that I really enjoyed reading. A book I would recommend to all. I laughed and loved in this book with its relatable characters and fun stories. 
In "the hot girl's friend"  
You can not read this with out falling in love with the lead male and relating to the lead female and empathizing with her or her best friend's story. Well developed characters for such a short story. It almost ended too soon. I wanted to know more of their story. 
In "wrong place right guy"
After the lead is held up by knife caring thief she is saved by her prince charming, only he doesn't feel the same way. It's a fun story of finding love with the bad boy that you fall in love with as the lead does. This story is a quick read and leaves you wanting to know how happily ever after goes.
In "not you"
Everyone has their one night stand fantasies. This one turns out to be a nightmare. With a twist you don't see coming this one gives the lead the shock of her life. This fun and humorous short is the must read of the book for me. I was setting on the edge of my seat to see how things would work out in this nightmare love.
In "Desperately Seeking Cupid"
Finding advice from the singles table at a wedding is not a typical start to any romance but this funny short does just that. It leaves you with a smile on you face with every page turn. Everyone has a quirky elderly lady who gives you advice and you find it easy to love the elderly characters in this book. Along with all their fun loving advice. The characters in this story are just to easy to relate to. But after a few pages, this story is quiet easy to predict.
In "Never been dumped"
I found in this short I could not stop reading to find out what would happen next in the lead's perfect romance. Knowing all the details in a relationship even the future is everyone's dream come true. I read this short wait with every page turn to find out if it would really go as planned. This story leaves you thinking you got it figured out only to have a twist at the end leaving you on the edge of you seat to see what happens next.


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